360° feedback assessment


What is a 360° feedback assessment?

The Network 360° provides wide ranging assessment and feedback for leaders across wide range of capabilities. These are tailored to the specific needs of your business from research, academic viewpoints, direct practitioner and consultancy experience using our 3 C’s methodology.

Competence + Capacity = Capability

Competence is the is the state or quality of people’s work and is a combination of knowledge, capabilities, skills, abilities, behaviours and attitude.

Capacity is the amount or appetite for work, development and growth.

Capability is the quality of being able, allowing individuals to acquire learning and increase their capacity. New skills and abilities grow capability.

Why 360°is vital for growth?

Without feedback, we invent our own reality which influences our strategy and delivers an outcome on how we interact (good & bad) with others.

One of our founding 10 principles are:

” You don’t know, what you don’t know “.

This is true, and mostly we all have blind spots. If you don’t, it is because you don’t know, what you don’t know and you can’t see them.

The views and perceptions of others within our circle of influence (whether those perceptions are accurate or not) often impact our relationships and how others react around us and this will affect the outcomes that you are getting.

Using Masters in Minds Network 360° is a vital part development of any individual who wishes to grow.

Fully Digital or blended


MIM has developed a range of design, delivery and feedback options to suit business needs and requirements.

Full digital solution:

We use a selection of delivery platforms such as Adobe Connect, Zoom, MS Teams and Skype to deliver an initial briefing through design meetings, assessment completion and individual feedback private feedback.

Blended experiential solution:

Network 360° Interviews – All participants will be interviewed prior to the digital 360°. The structure and focus of the interviews will be consistent. The discussions on ‘relationships’ during the interview will be informed by an advance ‘pre-interview’ pen picture drawn from the briefing session, leadership and line manager views.

The purpose of this ‘pen-picture’ is to gain insight into the individual’s main contact point relationships and any observed/perceived problem relationships, as well as perceived strengths. This will help create focus in the interviews. This is then followed up by the digital 360° and then the 121 feedback session delivered remotely or face to face.

The 360° Network assessment includes a comprehensive, individual feedback report. This is the base for the 121 personal feedback session and creates a baseline for future actions and personal development and change.



We all have blind spots. Yes we do!

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