A Day in the Life
February 2, 2023

A day in the life of the Senior Facilitator

Kevin Hadden joined MiM in October 2019, and he makes sure our clients get what they want and need by curating carefully planned designs to deliver to them. What is a day in the life of a facilitator like?

We have the answers here – Kevin took time out of his busy day to discuss his job role with Sadia:

What’s your name and job role?

Kevin Hadden, Senior Facilitator

Why did you choose your specific job role?

One of my earliest roles was in contact centres and operations management. When working in that sector, I was given the opportunity to deliver training and facilitate learning. I found that I enjoyed this role and took satisfaction from the impact I could have. The facilitation made a real and measurable difference as I was helping people become better at what they did.

Why take this role at MIM?

I was previously employed by a Cilent of MIM’s, and I had the opportunity to work with Julie (MiM’s MD) at that time. I loved MiM’S and Julie’s values and the impact their interaction had on individuals and organisations. MiM felt different and wasn’t delivering just another training programme. I wanted to be a part of the team.

Describe a typical day for you

No two days are the same. Often, people assume that facilitation is all about delivering face-to-face or virtual sessions. This is a critical part of the role as it defines the experience the learners have. However, facilitation is only effective if the design is right for the individuals and the organisation. It requires time invested in understanding what people need and want and then creating the design and learning plan based on that knowledge and insight. Much of my role is spent coaching learners, ensuring that they have understood and retained the learning and can apply it in their role.

What do you love the most about your job?

MiM allows me to be creative in the product we supply; we work with a variety of clients from various sectors. My role is continually interesting and motivating, always ensuring we deliver the best possible results. My role is creative and challenging as I am not simply delivering something off the shelf – it’s a bespoke design and delivery that is carefully curated. I have the opportunity to work with diverse organisations and people, and I feel invested in the organisations we work with. It’s immensely rewarding, particularly when I see the personal and organisation impact MIM have had.

What advice would you give to others who want to be in the same job role as you?

Follow the learning process thoroughly and gain credibility to ensure organisations and people individuals know that you can effectively facilitate their learning and development. Understand the difference between facilitating learning and communicating a presentation, as these are very different skills.  Many people have the misconception that facilitation is all about being in front of the classroom. ’Real’ learning happens when you are able to challenge people with trust and positive intent and have the insight, knowledge and desire to enable them to change and develop.

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