A Day in the Life
February 20, 2023

A day in the life of the Managing Partner

Stephen O’Neill is the Managing Partner, which means he’s quite busy with an array of tasks. What’s a typical day like for the Managing Parter?

We have the answers here – Stephen took time out of his busy day to discuss his job role with Sadia:

What’s your name and job role? 

My name is Stephen O’Neill, and I am a Managing Partner.  

Why did you choose your specific job role? 

Really this has evolved over time as my career has become a ‘portfolio’ of interests. At Masters in Minds, the driver is helping people and organisations to be the best that they can be. My role allows me to be intellectually challenged and branch into different fields. I support business development, specialise in customer engagement and service, B2B, sales, and developing professional services.  

Describe a typical day for you. 

A typical day can vary as it’s a portfolio now – some days can be full of delivery, sometimes working away from home. On other days, I can be remotely updating and helping clients or developing proposals. I am a ‘life learner’ so I continue to research and develop business challenges and approaches. I am also the treasurer for a children’s charity, so I have activities and responsibilities most weeks. 

What do you love the most about your job? 

The ‘get out of bed’ for me is meeting and working with people. It is intellectually challenging and creative to help plan and implement changes in an organisation, mostly through the people who work there. Recently, as life resumes some normality, I have been enjoying the face-to-face aspect of working with clients. Remote is great and has a strong role, but being in the same environments as clients is engaging.  

What advice would you give to others who want to be in the same job role as you? 

Always stay relevant to what is going on in the business world. Never stop learning and developing as things evolve. For example, look at the changes in the ‘B2B sales’ during the last five years. You need to understand the F2F, digital worlds, and your customers changing buying needs, and behaviours – channels, approaches, and skills are always evolving. To add value as a consultant, being topical, knowledgeable, and relevant is key. 

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