Change is resisted because it can be painful.
October 4, 2022
The mindset indicator can improve your organisational culture

Change is resisted because it can be painful.

Life has been full of change for everyone; it has not been consistent for a while; ‘normal’ has an entirely different meaning from what it was three years ago. However, what is constant is change. During these turbulent times, change happens faster than ever in the business world; therefore, learning has to happen even more quickly.

The pandemic, technological innovations, and changes in consumer expectations and industry regulations are a few of the significant evolutions in the business world; change is continuing to accelerate as the way the business world operates adapts to each change coming its way.

New technologies can replace old ones, cut prices, lost jobs, and discontinued investments. However, if a change is not implemented effectively, it can be detrimental to the organisation, its colleagues and customers. Not only will it reduce business productivity, but it will affect colleagues personally and professionally.

However, The Mindset Indicator Monitor™ can help. Carefully curated by our team of experts, it is a diagnostic tool that generates intelligent insight to enable an organisation to devise a strategic plan to deliver change or transformation effectively. Using carefully crafted questions, the tool formulates an outcome based on the answers. It then develops the mindset, traits, behaviours, and sayings related to a specific mindset. The tool takes 10 minutes for an individual to complete, then gets to work crunching the data to compile the insight required for an organisation to consider and act upon. If an entire culture transformation is required, The Mindset Indicator Monitor™ will provide an overview of the roadmap of activities necessary to deliver this successfully, which is delivered via a one-day Insights Workshop for the key stakeholders.

The detailed reports compare and contrast across sectors, departments, campaigns, locations, tenure, age, and many other factors. Our skilled experts will analyse the reports and provide feedback on the themes and patterns. The experts will advise on the optimum interventions that will support the delivery of the business strategies and goals.

Our passion and expertise in people development and business growth inspired The Mindset Indicator Monitor™. We drew from our experience working with people at all levels of business and leading them and organisations through the transformations and change required to innovate and grow.

The Mindset Indicator Monitor ™ exposes the challenges – the insight provides the know-how and intelligence that specifies the required interventions.

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