Combined Minds Event – 25 February 2021
March 1, 2021

Highlights and Insight

The Combined Minds event brought together the technology excellence of Combined Intelligence with the people and change expertise of Masters In Minds to discuss and share their views on AI and Conscious Culture in the future workplace.

A few of the topics that were covered were:

  • Imagining how AI is going to change your organisation by 2030
  • Where will AI replace and where will it augment our people assets?
  • Whose daily work life is changed? And how?
  • How does hierarchy, command and control, diversity and inclusion evolve around an AI culture?

Attendees from the business and consultancy world shared the ambitions currently being discussed in their boardrooms and innovation labs. These leaders had high levels of interest in the move toward a blended digitised workforce and the human impact that might have. Our attendees all reported similar challenges around the adoption of AI over and above just tech. There was a recognition that a shift in mindset will be required to help the existing workforce to slide into new roles and ways of working. Training interventions will be needed to help employees be less resistant to change but rather be inspired by the opportunity AI might bring to their role. It was a great discussion amongst a highly engaged group of senior leaders all debating the opportunities this level of change will afford whilst mindful for the responsibilities that will bring.

As the 4th Industrial Revolution gains traction AI will swiftly move from the early adopters such as the Hut Group (e- commerce company) and Gousto, a data company that loves food (as described by founder, Timo Boldt on his Linked Profile) and impact us all everywhere. From the cars (we won’t drive) to healthcare. We are only at the beginning of the AI revolution and it’s an exciting time to be involved with the businesses brave enough to get ahead of the competition in their thinking and strategies.

Key Insight attendees took away from the workshops were:

  1. The need to understand strategy and what part AI and advanced technology could play. Not necessarily today, but in the near term so we keep our competitive edge.
  2. The scale of AI change for society and opportunities and challenges it present to business and individuals in work and life.
  3. How automation and AI could help the processing side of a very people/emotionally intelligent lead business
  4. It was reassuring and to hear that across all the different types of sectors represented today what we’re all facing the same issues. The need to innovate alongside the people impacts.
  5. The important role our people have to play with the technological changes we’re making. We need to ensure change is well communicated and increase levels of trust.
  6. Not enough discussion about AI and Culture – so well done! Language is important and creating psychological safety in the workplace will be key differentiators for the winners in AI adoption.

What attendees wanted to hear more about?

  1. Future innovations that are likely to accelerate in the next 5-10years
  2. Leadership role and capability requirements for an AI lead organisation. Creating true learning organisations that support AI.
  3. The types of OD needed in the future (command and control vs. agile)
  4. How do I introduce this at an Exec level who will be less comfortable with their levels of experience or knowledge in this space?
  5. How can I enable an open-minded automation and AI workshop with the leadership team to get them thinking more creatively in this space?
  6. My main focus is the cultural side of things. Helping the senior leaders and teams to manage the changes that are coming without fear.
  7. How do the changes feel for customers and how do we ensure we get the balance right.
  8. Who’s doing what in AI, more examples of how it’s being used already.

A lot was covered on the day regarding this highly emotive subject. For those who couldn’t make the event but want to know more then contact us today to arrange a more detailed recap.

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Further Useful Reading/Viewing

About the event speakers:

  • Masters in Minds is a leading sustainable transformation, change and innovation partner. They facilitate inspiring strategies for high performance through enlightening mindsets, transforming behaviours, increasing capability, delivering results, and making your business a place people can thrive in. When we thrive, business thrives, society thrives.
  • Combined Intelligence is a specialist consultancy and solution delivery business that helps organisations, through insight, inspiration and innovation, realise real benefit from the application of intelligent technologies.

Couldn’t make the event but want to hear the highlights? Contact us today to arrange a brief recap.