Employee Engagement & Wellbeing

Proven Cool

Mindfulness in the workplace is now officially COOL. It’s proven to uplift performance. It has the seal of approval by several studies and organisations who correlate that engagement, wellbeing and mindfulness increases profit and productivity in organisations.

Performance Uplift

There is overwhelming evidence that when you consider and act upon these areas, an uplift in performance and overall productivity is seen and a reduction in sickness and absenteeism is achieved.

At present, there are some 20 million dis-engaged employees in the UK who are only working to 66% of their ability. We have an employee engagement deficit and it is negatively impacting our GDP (20% lower than the rest of the G7 in 2011). The other problem is obesity and mental health which again contributes to the performance of UK business.


Our experts are experienced in mindfulness, personal engagement and wellbeing. They have decades of practical experience and live their lives to these principles and standards. We have devised several programmes which will enable greater employee engagement via mindfulness and wellbeing resulting in greater profits, essentially doing more with less!

Let us know if you would like to talk. We are ready to listen.

“You don’t build a business, you build people and then people build the business”

Get Your Employees Engaged

Doug Conant, former president and CEO of the Campbell Soup Company, explains how to improve staff morale.

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