Exhilarating & Energising Away Days


The main plea we receive is “please, don’t make just another workshop”…and we don’t.
An aligned leadership and management team is the driving force of a good business.

Senior leaders can’t afford to work in silos – if they do it will reflect throughout their organisation. Teams leading Teams is the requirement in organisations – organisations have to become more team-centric, networked, agile, synergised and connected.

Achieving Goals

Ensuring your Senior Executives can work together effectively and creatively to deliver the best results is the goal of facilitation. Whatever the reason for bringing together your most valued people, board meetings to Directors’ away days and team off-sites our expert facilitators will ensure your whole company gains benefit from these interventions.

Facilitation plays a major role in developing the potential of a team or group. Hiring talented people is one thing; turning them into a talented team is something else. We use a wide range of innovative facilitation techniques to build on individual strengths and personalities to create dynamic teams.

Key Benefits

We design, facilitate and provide the follow-up for our clients to ensure they can focus on participating in the experience.

Harnesses individual strengths to create a dynamic team or group.
Significantly increase the effectiveness of senior level meetings.
Enable executives from different levels of seniority, cultures and backgrounds to work effectively as a powerful unit.
Encourage individuals to work together as a group to achieve more than they could alone – sum of the parts.
Improve trust and understanding between members of a team or group.
Activate and energise practical application.

Approach to Facilitation

Tangible and measurable outcomes are agreed and our track record in leveraging performance as a result of these facilitated interventions always delights and sometimes amazes our clients. Just exactly what can be achieved in a day or 2.

Here are some of the Facilitation techniques we use to deliver results:

   Experiential Learning
   Circle Trust Work
   Teams leading Teams
   Open Space
   Poster Problems & Opportunities
   Social & Wellbeing

“The results have been incredibly pleasing. This is the biggest shift in attitudes and behaviour that I have ever seen take place as a result of a single meeting. It has really made a huge difference to the results we are seeing in the business.”
Senior VP of a global energy company in relation to a meeting for The Major Capital Projects Group


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