Future Talent


Our expert team can help your organisation shape, mould and grow your future leaders through a bespoke Future Talent Programme using our Leader Lens™ methodology. We know that one of the top 10 issues on a CEO’s desk is managing future talent. In a recent paper, only 30% of CEO’s said that they “had the talent they need to fulfil their future growth”.

Thinking Long Term

Securing the best people to drive, grow and shape the organisation for the future is a headache for CEOs. The employment market is changing rapidly; by 2020 a high percentage of employees will be millennials, they need fast careers, engaging challenges and job satisfaction, more than financial rewards. This is the reason you have to engage your future talent now. Failing to do this now can result in your talent considering offers from others who will invest in them. By omitting this from your long-term strategy you may leave your organisation void of the leaders of the future.

The reasons to act now


Less Talent

Emerging economies will meet or exceed western re-numeration and career development by 2020.


Managing Millennials

By 2020 a high percentage of employees will be millennials and they are more prone to hop careers in search of job satisfaction and fast career progression as oppose to monetary awards.


Baby Boomers Retiring

80 million will retire in the next 5-7 years and be replaced by 40 million generation Xers.

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