Gail’s Welcome Interview
April 27, 2023

We are proud to announce the latest addition to our MiM team! Gail McPake is joining us as an associate, and we couldn’t be more pleased! Here’s the interview she did with us…


1. What is your background? 

I have a degree in HR and an MSC in Information Management. I have primarily worked in HR roles across financial services, specifically insurance, call centres, and claims. 


2. What would will you say your zone of genius is? 

A zone of genius for me is your unique power, your superpower that you don’t need work hard at. For me, it is my uber-positivity. I am self-aware of myself and others, which I factor into my delivery designs and helps me connect with others. Through connection, people feel heard and seen, which creates a strong foundation of trust.  


3. Tells us your story of how you became an Associate of MIM’s  

Around 7/8 years ago, I was working as an HR Partner, and I collaborated with the Head of Operations to work on their people change. The Head of Operations invited Julie in to see of MiM could support, and I instantly felt connected to her. We spoke the same language and shared similar values and outlooks. Due to the organisation not being, the people change program did not go ahead, but I knew I had to stay in touch with Julie. Lots of coffee and lunches later, we can finally do something great together! 


4. What makes you get up in the morning? 

I used to get the Sunday night fear; however, my positivity powered through, and I was empowered to begin my day. Last year, I made the commitment that I was only going to do things that made me happy. Now I do what I love, and my job is my passion. 


5. What is the best book you have read in the 6-months? 

I read a lot of self-development books, and I use these books to bring workshops to life. Communication is key in everything. I read an amazing book recently called, Radical Candor, by Kim Scott. The book reinforces the importance of communication and dealing with an issue head-on by encouraging challenging conversations in a kind/caring way. If you don’t provide constructive feedback in a timely manner, people will struggle to grow.