Get to know the MiM team – Rachel Watt
April 28, 2021
Rachel Watt

This week on “Get to know the MiM team”, we chatted with Rachel Watt. Rachel is one of MiM’s Project Coordinators and is wholly responsible for our ISO accreditations and helps maintain the governance of our client projects. So what makes her tick?

1.If you could be anyone who would you

Someone who recently caught my attention is the jockey Rachael Blackmore who won this year’s Grand National, making history in the process as the first female jockey to ever win the race. It was thrilling watching her take the lead towards the end. I was jumping and yelling at the TV! It helped that I’d had a little flutter on my namesake but I’d have been thrilled either way. Making history, breaking barriers and doing it for the girls! I’m starting horse riding lessons again after many years and my daughter has recently started too so it resonated with me.

2. You can live anywhere in the world, in any type of accommodation – where would you like to live?

Somewhere with a warm climate on the coast is a must! I feel my shoulders lowering the minute I arrive at a beach, listen to the waves and feel the sun on my face. It is chicken soup for the soul! A beautiful, bright and airy villa built into the hills with a sea view, pool and space for entertaining guests sounds idyllic.

3. If you could have any profession (other than working with MiM!) what would it be and why?

Growing up I was obsessed with the weather and checking my gran’s barometer and wanted to be a meteorologist. I also wanted Judith Chalmer’s job on ‘Wish you Were Here’, travelling to beautiful destinations and reporting back. I considered journalism and broadcasting at one point so perhaps a travel correspondent! The Life of Riley! Teaching is another option I’ve mulled over in the past. Perhaps not as glamorous but fulfilling!

Just for one day, (and if I wasn’t utterly squeamish) I’d also love to be a midwife. Having given birth three times and having held a loved one’s hand as they’ve passed away, I think it’s an honour to be part of such huge moments in life, they don’t come any bigger and are truly humbling.

4. What is your favourite TV show just now?

I liked the Crown and I’m enjoying Line of Duty. I also loved Sons of Anarchy, it was quite Shakespearian despite it being about a group of hells angels! It’s loosely based on Hamlet and has some great characters and storylines.


My favourite would have to be Outlander! It’s the closest I get to sci-fi (as it involves the theme of time travel). It’s like a love letter to Scotland as it shows our beautiful country in all it’s finery. It covers a lot of our history such as the Jacobite rising and the Battle of Culloden with some great plots too. It’s done wonders for our tourism industry as it’s hugely popular in the USA. Best of all it’s filmed a five minute drive from my house. Series six is currently being filmed and I may have been known to wander through the glen when I know they are there around. I promise I am not a stalker!


5. You’re stuck on a Desert Island! What three books would you want with you?

‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ by Harper Lee
A classic that’s always stayed with me as it’s seen through the eyes of an innocent child being brought up with a strict moral code to show empathy and humility to others. To walk a mile in a man’s shoes before you judge him and have the moral conviction to stand up for others, even when it’s not the popular choice. Sadly the issues of prejudice and racism in the justice system for people of colour are just as prevalent today with recent events being highlighted by the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement.

‘1984’ by George Orwell
This blew me away and terrified me in equal measure. The totalitarian state it depicts may be extreme but after Nazi Germany, doesn’t seem totally implausible! Terms such as Big Brother, Room 101, the Proletariat, the Thought Police and Double think have all made their mark in popular culture. The censorship and surveillance themes seem relevant today too. I enjoyed it from a sociology/psychology perspective; the majority of people complying due to group behaviour and conditioning. Then there are the few that are brave enough to question/rebel. Leaders and followers. I loved Animal Farm for the same reason. Human behaviour, group mentality and hierarchies covered in allegorical form. Important themes to bear in mind if a new community was to form on the desert island!

‘Reluctant Adult’ by Katie Kirby.
A light-hearted funny one would be required for a balance and this made me laugh out loud during the first lockdown. Full of spot-on anecdotes accompanied by hilarious stick men drawings, it makes you feel like you aren’t the only one winging it with the whole parenthood/adulting thing! Chapters such as ‘Procrastinator Extraordinaire’, ‘Get a Puppy They Said’ and ‘The S****y Guilt Fairy’ always raise a smile.

Want to know more about Rachel?

You can find out more about Rachel in our updated “Our Team” section of the website, or via her own LinkedIn profile.

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