Johari360° Evaluations
October 4, 2022
johari360: emotional intelligence feedback tool

Introducing… Johari360° – our emotional intelligence 360° feedback tool. 

Growth and development are crucial to the success of any organisation. To grow and develop, you must identify the gaps between where you are now and where you want to be. Some of you will know what they are; for many, you will have blind spots (yes, we all do).

Johari360° evaluations focus on your organisation’s future, using your strategic goals as a basis to build success and the critical ingredient, emotional intelligence.

We work with you to build bespoke digital 360 evaluations for decision makers at CEO-S-Suite, Senior, and Management levels. By analysing your leaders’ emotional intelligence (EI) and competencies, we assess whether they; as a result, your organisation, have the necessary skills and approaches to delivery.

With over 50 years of business experience within our team, the most common problem is poor communication within companies. A 360 evaluation is an effective way to gather and communicate feedback effectively and respectfully. Rather than leaders only evaluating those they manage, we allow them to look at their individual development. Through authentic feedback, Johari360° can support them in addressing areas they may not have been aware of.

Developing a culture of authentic communication within an organisation isn’t easy. It requires courage to open yourself to honest feedback and engagement. Johari 360° introduces the opportunity for candid communication without falling out.

Head over to the Johari360° website now.

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