Merging Cultures


One of the biggest challenges of any merger or acquisition is bringing together two cultures and aligning them into one. We would go as far as to say it is in the top five determining factors. What looked great on paper can be stopped in its tracks due to the roadblocks of resistance. The strategic advantage can be lost and the operational gains compromised. Our team has vast experience in bringing two cultures into one. The Masters in Minds proven methodology ensures the transition will be smoother and the results realised in the timescales intended.

Tools for the job

Using our insightful diagnostic tool, the Mindset Indicator Monitor ™ we can pinpoint where the resistance and most difficult challenges exist during, what can be, an emotionally difficult time for both workforces.

Make the merger a success

Many people instinctively do not like uncertainty, they don’t welcome change, they get nervous and defensive. When not addressed, these natural states can lead to entrenched resistance blocking progress, pushing down productivity and profit.


Compatible Cultures™

We will compare, contrast and offer a full diagnostic report on both cultures and how compatible they are. The report will outline our recommendations, highlighting those likely to thrive in the new organisation and those who may not.


Merging 2 Cultures

Our teams have been helping organisations change and develop cultures for decades. We have great success in changing the mindsets of individuals across large and small organisations. Using our bespoke diagnostic tool – The Mindset Indicator Monitor™ – we pinpoint the areas where the challenge will be at its greatest allowing this insight to design and deliver the necessary interventions saving time and money.

“Children are not the only people who get emotional. Working lives are more closely tied to personal lives than ever before. Employees get attached to each other and they don’t always embrace change.”


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