Mindset Indicator Monitor™

Analyse your organisations openess to change in less than 5 minutes

Culture Change

This insightful exclusive Masters in Minds tool analyses an organisation’s mindset and pinpoints where the challenges will be in change and transformation programmes, initiatives, and projects.

Having this insight enables our team to design the interventions to increase effectiveness and ensure success.

Our strategic approach reduces waste and pinpoints change champions to drive forward the programme to a successful outcome.


The mindset indicator enables an organisation to see who are most open to change and most suitable to embrace the new ways of working after a re-organisation.

This tool helps make informed decisions to create an open-minded workforce who are ready and willing to embrace the change.

Future Talent

The insightful tool can identify open minded individuals with a growth mindset. With this insight, the organisation can develop them in their future talent programme.

Benchmarking for high-potential teams

The tool benchmarks will strip back the dynamics of a high-performing team and highlights its mindset. It enables an organisation to replicate the formula throughout its organisation.

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