People Lean Transformation

No More Waste

Boost performance by systematically removing ‘waste’, i.e. unnecessary/inefficient actions and other challenges that hamper the process. Our team of Lean Six Sigma experts have decades of experience saving organisations time, reducing overheads and increasing capacity. We will analyse your processes and devise a new way of working to make your organisation lean and ready for future challenges.

PLT Programme

The Lean Six Sigma experts work closely with our People Transformation experts, together they design and deliver our bespoke People Lean Transformation Programme. When we mix both sets of skills, we call it our PLT Programme (People – Lean – Transformation Programme). Our position is that people are more than 5% of the system. A blend optimises Lean Six Sigma results. PLT provides one accountable partner delivering what works best for the client. We deliver the outcome, the results and the return on investment that organisations want.

Our Bespoke Methodology

People – Lean – Transformation™. The key point to this successful programme.

Preparing the people within the organisation for change using our expert people change facilitators.

We call this stage ‘Paving the Way’. Our team will prepare people to welcome Lean Six Sigma by assessing their mindsets and enabling them to be open to the coming changes within the organisation. Completing this essential stage successfully sets the context and creates alignment for what comes next and increases uptake and engagement. Please contact us to receive case studies.

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