Preparing for Exit

Protect your lifetime investment

We assist SME’s to realise the return on the value they have created in their businesses. Too often when it comes to exiting, there isn’t a clear plan and often there are issues and challenges within families and individuals who have contributed along the way being equitably recognised and rewarded. What have been amazing and brilliant adventures can turn into painful experiences which mar the good times. Bring money into this equation and it can complicate things considerably.

How we help

To keep the business on track and relevant use an external business coach/mentor on a regular basis to provide an objective perspective, challenge you and bring fresh ideas and opportunities.

We work with our clients to assist them with:

Planning early and often – late planning often backfires.
Being clear about the vision, direction and timescales and the key players having a transparent road map that they can align to.
Having the passion to achieve the goals and ambitions of the business. This can play over into what is needed in order to have rational conversations and make rational decisions.
Using an independent advisor to assist with finance and assess protection – the emotion has to be removed from this aspect.

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