Versatility vs Experience
December 1, 2022

Versatility vs Experience: Why being an expert is no longer the highest qualification needed for a job 

Unfortunately, being an expert in your field is no longer the highest qualification you need to do your job – although it is very close to the top.  

There is a demand for skill versatility in the workforce. Modern-day organisations have been able to respond rapidly to changing developments. Companies need greater versatility from their employees without the added pressure. 

There are numerous benefits of skill versatility for employers and employees. Versatility allows companies to get the most out of their workforce; by looking beyond fixed job descriptions, you can capitalise on not just one but all of an employee’s skills. Working this way boosts employees’ motivation and satisfaction levels as they are appreciated and acknowledged for their abilities; their employer looks beyond their requirements. Having versatile workers means companies can respond to changes and helps safeguard a company’s continuity, boost company image, and reduce staff turnover. 

Why are businesses demanding versatile employees? 

It is partly due to the ‘great resignation,’ which often refers to the increasingly high number of workers leaving their jobs due to the pandemic. Furthermore, there is a rise in entrepreneurship and a decrease in the talent pool. Thus, resulting in a war for talent. Due to the demand, organisations need versatile employees to adapt to crises and changing customer demand. The pandemic highlighted that it is crucial to have employees that can adapt to change. 

However, anyone can be versatile if they are open and willing to learn. Organisations should invest in training programmes that encourage new skills, as new skills will encourage career progression. More importantly, the investment will motivate employees and decrease employee turnover, increasing profits. 

To become versatile, you do not need an employer, either.  

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