ILM Coaching & Mentoring Courses

Masters in Minds offers professional coaching programmes and have trained 100/'s Manager's to coach brilliantly. We run our certified coaching programmes using the world reconsigned ILM (Institute of Leadership and Management). We offer a range of coaching and mentoring courses designed to help individuals develop the skills and knowledge needed to become effective coaches and mentors. The courses are offered at three levels - level 3, level 5, and level 7 - to cater to individuals with varying levels of experience and expertise.

At level 3, the ILM coaching and mentoring course provides an introduction to coaching and mentoring. It covers the basic principles of coaching and mentoring, including communication skills, goal-setting, and feedback. This course is ideal for individuals who are new to coaching and mentoring or who have limited experience in the field.

The level 5 ILM coaching and mentoring course is designed for individuals who have some experience in coaching and mentoring and want to develop their skills further. This course covers topics such as coaching and mentoring models, ethics and boundaries, and developing coaching and mentoring relationships. It also includes a practical element where participants can practice their coaching and mentoring skills.

At level 7, the ILM coaching and mentoring course is aimed at experienced coaches and mentors who want to develop their expertise and knowledge further. This course covers advanced coaching and mentoring techniques, such as psychological theories of coaching and mentoring, coaching and mentoring for change, and coaching and mentoring for leadership development.

Overall, ILM's coaching and mentoring courses provide a comprehensive and structured approach to coaching and mentoring. By completing these courses, individuals can develop the skills and knowledge needed to become effective coaches and mentors and make a positive impact in their personal and professional lives delivered by our team of facilitators and coaches at Masters in Minds.