ILM Coaching and Mentoring Level 5 Award

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Appeals to: Middle Managers and/or HR and OD professionals

Duration: 12 months approximately, depending on work commitments

Accreditation: Yes

ILM Level 5 Award in Effective Coaching and Mentoring

Course Overview:

The undergraduate-level ILM Coaching and Mentoring Level 3 Award is designed for mid-level managers and organisational coaches with experience, training, or qualifications in leadership, management, or HR. The year-long program enhances your coaching and mentoring capabilities to support career development and skill enhancement through practical and theoretical work.

Course Features:

  • Delivered over 3-days face-to-face or virtual workshops
  • 3 x 121 personal coaching sessions
  • 3 x feedback session
  • Access to social learning cohort groups in MiM’s digital platform
  • Access to MiM AluMiMi where like-minded professionals
  • Access to MiMLaaS e-learning Academy (Communication and Coaching Models) for 12 months

The course is typically delivered over a period twelve months and covers the following topics:

Course Topics:

  • Understanding the Skills, Principles and Practice of Effective Coaching and Mentoring within an Organisational Context
  • Undertaking Effective Coaching or Mentoring within an Organisational Context
  • Undertaking an Extended Period of Effective Coaching or Mentoring within an Organisational Context
  • Reviewing Own Ability as a Coach or Mentor within an Organisational Context

Course Assessments:

The course is assessed through a combination of written assignments, practical assessments, and observation of coaching and mentoring practice.

Successful completion of the course leads to a Level 5 Award in Coaching and Mentoring, which is a recognised qualification in the field.

Overall, the Level 5 Award in Coaching and Mentoring is a comprehensive course that provides individuals with the opportunity to build upon their existing experience of coaching within an organisation.

Course Tutors:

We are practical coaches that have been working in business for 30+ years. Our company have trained team leaders/managers to be the best they can be and trained them to bring their people along with them oppose to using rules and policy to determine a positive outcome. This way they choose their outcome coached by you.

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