We can’t help you change Big Dave’s novelty ties, but pretty much everything else is up for grabs

To deliver successful transformation we must remain humble. Assumption can be a fatal flaw. The key to opening opportunity is to start with ‘we don’t know what we don’t know’. No two businesses are the same. Their challenges maybe similar but their people, culture, and desired outcomes will always be unique.

Transformation is the spark

Transformation done well will ignite the passion and instil the grit needed in your leaders and people. This will help them to unpick past problems and unlock the future.

Reoccurring themes that lead to unsuccessful outcomes:

  1. Senior leadership not seeing a need to change since they believe they are “already a change agent”
  2. Problems that arise when change is pushed without assessing change readiness, culture or preparing employees
  3. When a transformation is poorly led, fatigue can derail the most valiant efforts for change

Strengths-based cultures start at the top

Leaders who invest in a strengths-based culture know that employees’ productivity impacts business outcomes. Employees who use their strengths are nearly six times more engaged, perform more highly, and are much less likely to leave.

Transformational Change

Wearing a Big Dave tie is optional!

MiM can change your DNA

We help people and businesses play to their strengths and realise developmental gaps. With a shift in mindset, positive dramatic transformation and measurable outcomes are possible. It’s why we’re in business – to change workplaces, wherever and whatever they are, into spaces where people feel more inspired, empowered, and engaged … and where more people have that Big Dave feeling about what they wear when they rock up to their next Teams/Skype meeting, for instance.

Change your thinking to change your outcome. The journey starts with what we don’t know. The MiM diagnositc tools will put a spotlight on what matters so problems can be flipped, and opportunities realised.  

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