Client Outcomes

Saving PA

increase in customer Net Promotor Score (NPS)

reduction in official complaints to the Works Council

reduction in absenteeism

reduction time to process a plan

increase in productivity

increase in conversions

would recommend our programmes to others

increase in Bond reinvestments

increase in CSR’s skill-set after interventions

increase in productivity


  One hundred percent increase in sales conversions.
  Increased effectiveness.
  Reduced Marketing spend and cost of sale.
  Greater staff morale and engagement.
  Reduced attrition rate.
  Reduced recruitment costs.

Increase in Sales Conversion

People Lean Transformation

   A saving of £221K PA.
   Ninety three per cent reduction in hand-off’s.
   Ninety two per cent reduction in touches per plan.
   One hundred per cent increase in staff empowerment.
   Twenty five per cent reduction in staff headcount.
   Five per cent increase in scalability.
   Eighty six per cent reduction in time to process a customer plan.
   Created a new continuous improvement culture.
   Clean bill of health declared in new audit.

Saving PA

Contact Centre Sales Through Service Performance Improvement Programme

  Thirty per cent increase in sales.
  Thirty five per cent increase in conversions.
  Twenty per cent increase in productivity.
   Increased employee engagement.
   Increase in NPS.
   Reduction in absenteeism.
   Reduction in marketing spend.

Increase in Sales

Major Capital Projects Team Performance Ownership Improvement

   Downtime reduced significantly.
   Turnaround times in and out of the shipyard reduced.
   Increased capability across pro.
   Project management execution.
   Substantially better uptake.
   Lean Six Sigma process improvements.

Downtime reduced significantly

Leadership Development

   Fifty per cent increase in productivity in pre-sales tech support.
   Best performing sales year ever.
   Successful managerial re-structure (without drama).
   Uplift in performance management across the business.
   Additional sales target of £2m in the last quarter taken on with enthusiasm – with everyone involved.
   Customer satisfaction increase across branches.
   Organisational aligned mindset for changes as and when they arise.
   Improved communication across the business.

Increase in Productivity

People Lean Transformation Customer Back Office

   A 118% increase in productivity.
   A 200% increase in Business retention.
   A 30% increase in Staff engagement.
   A 20% increase in Bond reinvestments.
   A 6% reduction in staff turnover.
   A 70% reduction in duplicate re-filing time in year one and a further 90% reduction in year 2.
   A 57% increase in CSR’s skill-set after interventions.
   A 50% increase in time spent with people oppose to task.
   A 10% reduction in failure demands.
   A 4% reduction in absenteeism.
   Increased customer facing time to levels of 70/80%.

Increase in Business Retention

Customer Focused B2B Sales Growth – Above the Line Sales

   Five million dollars saved in one customer negotiation.
   Largest outsourcing deal in the industry secured.
   Long term order book strengthened.
   Customer feedback acknowledged the positive shift in attitude towards relationship management and service levels – reduction in complaints.
   Aligned mindset and behaviours across global sales and marketing teams and beyond to all customer facing staff.

Saved in Negotiation

Customer Operations Performance Culture Change

   A 75% reduction in sickness and absenteeism.
   A 100% reduction in official complaints to the Works Council.
   A 13% increase in productivity.
   A 40% increase in competencies in critical areas.

Reduction in Sickness & Absenteeism

Customer Experience Improvement Programme: Risk & Reward

   A 215% increase in customer Net Promotor Score (NPS).
   Increased Sales Through Service (STS) by 126%.
   A 50% increase in productivity.
   A 90% reduction in absenteeism.
   A reduction in average call- handling times (AHT).
   A 200% increase from task focus to people focus.
   One hundred per cent of people would recommend our programmes to others.
   Significant improvement on staff retention rates.
   Dynamic high performance culture created and sustained.
Commercially focused, motivational leaders who ‘walk-the-talk’.
   Skilled man-managers who know how to carry out change and deliver results.
   Productive teams with engaged, confident individuals.

Increase in Sales through Service

Culture Change Programme

   Eighty four per cent say ‘it’s a great place to work’; 25% above the UK average.
   Seventy eight per cent Empowerment & Accountability; 18% above the UK average.
   Seventy eight per cent Well-Being; 21% above the UK average.
   Increased alignment, understanding and co-operation amongst managers, team members and departments.
   More honest and open communication across the business at all levels.
   An implemented performance management structure that is actively engaging, motivating and developing staff and managers.
   More accountability and higher levels of responsibility across the business at all levels.
   Record breaking results in terms of sales and stock shipped month on month.
   Less people issues escalated to HR.

Empowerment & Accountability


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