Our Story

I left school just before my 16th birthday. I got a job with the largest employer in the area – everyone did. I worked for 5 years without ambition – I didn’t know anything else was possible for me. Then a new manager took over the large department I worked in and my life started to change.

He had one of those ‘real and honest’ conversations with me and after that the light he shone on me was greater than the light I was shining on myself. He gave me 2 options. Simply put, shape up and I will help you build a career or ship out because I am going to build something great here. I chose the former and my life changed forever.

He kept his word and has been my managerial role model ever since. Thanks Dave Brown (ACCESS, circa 1983).

I was promoted to my first managerial position and onto a training role. I was sent on a course which transformed my life and I attended a fast track programme to become a managing director. I was fortunate to work for an organisation committed to personal development which facilitated my enrolment in a Masters degree in Change Strategy & Facilitation Skills. Having left school with no more than 4 O Levels that was quite an achievement.

By the age of 34 I had moved from a call centre to the board room, obtained a post grad diploma, held multiple senior leadership roles across a group of companies and been part of a successful trade exit. I went on to repeat this success in other organisations before setting up my own practice. I became passionate about the role that business plays in the world. We spend over two thirds of our time working or thinking about work that’s a huge part of our lives, and our family’s lives. So how do we make it count, how do we enjoy it and how do we balance our lives? How do we create environments and cultures that make work a place where we are happy to hang out?

This is why I founded Masters In Minds so that we can learn how to create just such environments. To facilitate mastery of our minds in order to lead, manage and deliver business that creates a positive impact on the world.

Today we have an amazing team of 23 highly skilled, caring and passionate experts, across the UK, Germany and the US – and I love them all. We share the same values, drive and aspirations. We have fun, debates, struggles and breakthroughs as we build a business that is about realising the huge difference business has in our world.

The results we help our clients achieve are awesome and we would love to share some examples with you.

Our Philosophy

The human ‘being’ drives the human ‘doing’ which drives the outcomes and results we get in our lives. (Courtesy of Anthony Jaffe, philosopher and facilitator).

The Be, Do, Have philosophy has been around a long time. It is at the core of our work.

We have a very pragmatic and practical way of helping people learn and apply this approach to their business and home lives. Everything starts with ‘thought’ – if you change your thinking, you will change your behaviour and you will get different results and outcomes. Choosing a conscious life to be a conscious leader, manager and player is what our work is about.

It doesn’t matter what part of the organisation we are working with or what level this is the starting point. If we don’t accept and own what we have got how can we enjoy it, learn from it, grow from it or change it.

The more of us that are conscious in our thinking and doing the better the workplace will be.

The trouble is that work place stress issues continue to grow – so what can be done about that? Understanding, trust, alignment and engagement all help to build a great environment.

We can help and we would love to. Just let us know if you would like to have a chat to explore a bit more.

What our clients say...

“It’s a real pleasure working with the team at Masters in Minds. They have positively changed mindsets in our business, causing a ripple effect throughout our teams from leadership to individuals, that has transformed how we work across the organisation. Their training and guidance is enabling us to be better leaders, to work more collaboratively and establish new ways of working that support a strong future for our business.”
- Kathryn Langley, Global Marketing Manager, Ovarro

“Working with MiM is a real pleasure...they listen and understand you as a business and deliver at an exceptional level...they also challenge and provoke in a way that makes you smile...I would recommend using them in your business.”
- Anton Manley, Chief Client Officer, Webhelp UK, India and South Africa

“The team at Masters in Minds, both collectively and individually, are a pleasure to work with. Professional in tempo and approach, they excel in tailoring their expertise and energy to specific business needs. On the latest engagement, the program was organised with precision, was flexed where required to accommodate the pace at which we could cope with but ultimately delivered agreed business outcomes. Supportive outside the normal program schedule, their individual insights and support have been valued by myself as well as my team. Combining fun with new learning is their ‘mantra’ and has been a significant factor in the transformation in the way we behave and engage with our customers going forward.”
- Malcolm Flanders, Head of Channels, Golden Charter

“The standard that is delivered is of the highest quality from all Masters in Minds Associates involved. Not only do they apply Lean Sigma and systems thinking to the tasks and processes at hand, they deliver some key mindset training that helps those involved in the change their approach to deliver successful and sustainable change. The passion shines through the team and there is a real feeling that you are invested in the successful delivery of our programme which filters through to those involved.”
- Lynne Phillips, PMO, Golden Charter

“A life changing experience that has help me massively in and outside of work. It has helped me manage my own self by a different way of thinking. It’s been like learning a new language, which now I feel confident in, and I can understand the people! The results in people around the business have been phenomenal! I have so much good stuff to say about LDP!”
- Michelle Coombes, Divisional Director, Mitsubishi Electric LES


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