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It offers courses and modules covering essential areas such as leadership development, communication skills, technical proficiency, and personal growth. Industry experts design these courses, and they are regularly updated to reflect the latest trends and best practices.


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One of MiMLaaS.com's standout features is its customisation capability. Organisations can tailor learning paths to align with their strategic goals and the specific needs of their employees. This ensures that the training is not only relevant but also directly applicable, leading to more effective learning outcomes and enhanced job performance.


The platform leverages advanced technology to provide an engaging and interactive learning experience. Features such as virtual classrooms, interactive simulations, real-world case studies, and gamified learning modules ensure learners remain engaged and motivated. Additionally, the platform ... Read More

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MiM's Digital People Platforms

MiM's Digital People Platforms

Our cutting-edge digital tools include the Mindset Indicator Monitor™, Johari360°™ ...
Manage without the Mess

Manage without the Mess

"Manage Without the Mess" using our LMS system to streamline operations through automated reporting ...
LMS platform

LMS platform

Our Learning Management System (LMS) provides a robust platform and underpins our learning as a ...
100 micro learning courses

100 micro learning courses

Our team has curated over 100 micro-learning courses for flexible, bite-sized learning, all based ...
Engagement Survey

Engagement Survey

Our 'Engagement Survey' is a comprehensive tool designed to assess the levels of employee ...
Pulse Culture Surveys

Pulse Culture Survey

Our Pulse Survey enables your organisation to re-evaluate specific areas post-intervention, ...

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In summary, MiMLaaS.com by Masters in Minds is a cutting-edge learning platform transforming how organisations approach learning and development. Offering customisable, engaging, and scalable learning solutions helps organisations cultivate a highly skilled, motivated, and adaptable workforce ready to meet the challenges of today's dynamic business environment. Through its emphasis on continuous learning and development, MiMLaaS.com empowers both individuals and organisations to achieve their full potential and drive sustained success.


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Mindset Indicator Monitor

Identifying an organisation's openness to change in 4.5 minutes, the Indicator organisation's can make informed, insightful decisions

MiM LaaS

Elevate your efficiency, streamline your operations, and achieve your goals with ease through our innovative learning-as-a-service solution


Explore your blind spots, expand your self-awareness with our transformative feedback platform aligned to an organisation's goals


Feature Insights

Operational Excellence

April 29, 2024

5 Key Benefits of Continuous Improvement

We have highlighted the strong case for continuous improvement in business in our other blogs, but why is it so important, and what improvements does it bring? Take a look at the five key benefits below;


1. Enhanced Efficiency 

This leads to optimising processes, reducing waste, and increasing productivity. If you don’t analyse ways to improve, you risk remaining at the same efficiency level and miss a better, more profitable way to get the job done. Process improvement is investigating ways to work smarter, not harder, so you can perform tasks in a fraction of the time without compromising quality. 


2. Improved Quality 

Reviews and refinements contribute to higher-quality products and services. Companies that improve their processes invariably increase their value. Improvements lead to more sophisticated and more economically competitive offerings. With continuous improvement, teams can be held accountable for higher levels of quality, fine-tuning every aspect of the path to innovation. 


3. Increased Employee Satisfaction 

Involving employees in improvement processes leads to higher levels of engagement and job satisfaction. With Lean, employees are empowered to solve problems that hinder them day-to-day and make suggestions for improvement. Their idea can be carefully tested and, if successful, implemented company-wide. The employee is transformed from a passive to an active role in the business processes. This lowers turnover rates as employees who actively participate in the company’s success gain a sense of accomplishment and pride. It contributes to a greater sense of belonging and fewer reasons to leave the organisation. 


4. Better Customer Satisfaction 

Enhanced efficiency and quality lead to improved customer experiences and loyalty. While most tasks relating to process improvement seem to centre on internal optimisation, they flow to your customer-facing operations. The higher quality products and services equate to fewer calls to customer support. Faster delivery times mean happy, repeat buyers. Engaged team members also mean better customer outreach. 


5. Lower Costs 

How much money does your company spend on technology or processes that don’t add value? One of the main principles of Lean Management is finding waste areas and eliminating or reducing them if they don’t add value. Despite Lean’s origins being in the manufacturing industry, this can be applied to any industry today. It’s a simple notion of looking at processes and identifying what is necessary and unnecessary. The latter will be resource-draining. 

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April 26, 2024

Strengths-based cultures start at the top

We can’t help you change Big Dave’s novelty ties, but pretty much everything else is up for grabs.

To deliver successful transformation we must remain humble. Assumption can be a fatal flaw. The key to opening opportunity is to start with ‘we don’t know what we don’t know’. No two businesses are the same. Their challenges are maybe similar, but their people, culture, and desired outcomes will always be unique.


Transformation is the spark

Transformation done well will ignite the passion and instill the grit needed in your leaders and people. This will help them to unpick past problems and unlock the future.


Reoccurring themes that lead to unsuccessful outcomes;

  1. Senior leadership not seeing a need to change since they believe they are “already a change agent”.
  2. Problems that arise when change is pushed without assessing change readiness, culture, or preparing employees.
  3. When a transformation is poorly led, fatigue can derail the most valiant efforts for change.


Strengths-based cultures start at the top.

Leaders who invest in a strengths-based culture know that employees’ productivity impacts business outcomes. Employees who use their strengths are nearly six times more engaged, perform more highly, and are much less likely to leave.


Transformational Change


Wearing a Big Dave tie is optional!


MiM can change your DNA

We help people and businesses play to their strengths, and realise developmental gaps. With a shift in mindset, positive dramatic transformation and measurable outcomes are possible. It’s why we’re in business – to change workplaces, wherever and whatever they are, into spaces where people feel more inspired, empowered, and engaged…and where more people have that Big Dave feeling about what they wear when they rock up to their next Teams/Skype meeting, for instance.

Change your thinking to change your outcome. The journey starts with what we don’t know. MiM diagnostic tools will put a spotlight on what matters so problems can be flipped, and opportunities realised. 


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April 26, 2024

Cultivating culture in organisations is leadership choice

Always nice to be recognised.

In ‘The Herald’, Laura Gordon writes why cultivating a culture in organisations is a leadership choice.

To read the article, click on the link below.


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Management & Development

April 26, 2024

Why you need MiM LaaS

Why you need MiM LaaS:

An interesting article in the Business Journals that we suggest everyone to read. As the author rightly says:

‘Investing in employees is no longer a nice to have, but a must-have.’

As you read the article, you’ll read how to invest in your employees affordably:

  • Establish a learning culture: a culture that constantly develops knowledge and encourages learning new skills. A strong learning culture enables employees to seek, share, and apply new skills and knowledge.

  • Create a microlearning programme: microlearning is a useful format as it is relevant information delivered at the appropriate time, such as learning videos or infographics with absorbable information.

  • Train leaders to become mentors/coaches: With the correct tools, teach leaders to be accountable for creating a relationship with their direct reports.

  • Provide free content: Create relevant content, through various formats, to be readily accessible to employees.

  • Provide stipends for self-learning: Offer employees a learning and development stipend to attend varied sessions. Axonify found that 76% of employees said they would find a job more attractive if it came with learning and development opportunities.

These are all effective methods to invest in employees; however, you may be wondering: it seems like it will take a lot of time. From one leader to another, I know time is of the essence. But, I have a quick way that you can accomplish all of that without having to leave your desk.

MiM LaaS can do all of those investment methods and more. MiM LaaS is a unique learning-as-a-service solution. We do not just provide e-learning courses; we have various features that businesses can benefit from, which is why you need MiM LaaS.

We have microlearning and content readily available; your employees can benefit from animated bite-size courses, download resources whenever, and a function where you can design your own courses. There’s no need to provide a stipend for your employees as MiM LaaS includes (plan dependent) business webinars, access to a digital quarterly leaders forum/group, and an online social community, which is advantageous to develop leaders.

MiM LaaS creates a strong learning culture and develops your business. Regardless of which plan your organisation is on, you will have an implementation manager, so there’s no need to be tech-savvy or go through a transitional period. Each plan has an allocated number of consultancy days where you can benefit from specialist knowledge to develop your organisation.

Furthermore, you can benefit from online action clinics and architecturally designed development glide-path for colleagues. Our e-learning courses include gamification and bespoke certificates to keep your employees motivated. You can include our bespoke services, Johari360° and Mindset Indicator Monitor™, designed to develop your business and report any challenges your business could face during a change transformation.

Again, this will all be done from the comfort of your desk – you don’t have to leave. MiM LaaS is designed for leaders to continue doing what they do best while we care for the rest.

As the article said: It’s clear that employees are eager to improve their skill set, and companies that invest in their employees’ future are going to have a competitive advantage over those that do not.

Do you want to have an advantage over your competitors?

If you do, book a meeting with us and take advantage of your free demo!

Head over to MiM LaaS here.


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