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We reduced failure demand by 10%, increased capacity and reduced cost to serve

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Business Saviness

April 29, 2024

Masters in Minds acquires Venturehaus
Masters in Minds has taken over Venturehaus, the London-based Operational Excellence specialist in Financial Services.


Julie McCann, Managing Director of Masters in Minds, said “We are excited to bring Alan Noble and the Venturehaus team into the MIM family. Our combined experience offers the financial services sector an approach that is pragmatic and deliverable. This creates a responsible corporate culture encompassing customer-centric service, Lean continuous improvement, and reliable business success for the board and shareholders. We are different, we diagnose the problem, we analyse the culture and its openness to change, and we then create and implement change in direct alignment with the overall strategy. We don’t just find the problem, we fix it and we transfer knowledge across our clients’ organisations to ensure sustainability.”

Alan Noble, Managing Director of Venturehaus, was delighted by the takeover. “We have been talking to the team at Masters in Minds for the past 18 months about the opportunity to join forces and I am particularly pleased to make this announcement today. We share the same values and business ethics, and we both deliver transformational business benefits in the work we carry out for our clients. Venturehaus’ expertise in operational excellence has now been combined with the extensive skills in organisational, cultural, and behavioural change offered by Masters. This combination is perfect for the financial services market in which executives are not only accountable for business performance and governance but now have an additional fiduciary responsibility for their corporate culture.”

Venturehaus Ltd
Venturehaus is a specialist management consultancy and training firm which helps Financial Institutions achieve Operational Excellence through improvement in their business performance, and in their management of growth, change, re-organisation, M&A integration, customer experience, process improvement, performance assurance, and regulatory compliance.


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April 26, 2024

Gen Z: The Most Unique Generation

Are you ready for Gen Z: The Most Unique Generation?

The Diary of a CEO episode with Simon Sinek emphasised Gen Z will be facing many issues in their careers. What are those issues? 

We have said it before, and we are saying it again, Gen Z is the most unique generation. The advent of both the smartphone and social media is arguably this generation’s greatest single defining feature. It has affected every single aspect of their life, from socialising to schoolwork, entertainment to exercise, and so on, often spending 8 hours on screens a day, more than any other generation. Resultantly, they communicate digitally 74% of the time, meaning face-to-face conversations are more likely to be outside their comfort zone. 

Gen Z is also the most diverse and inclusive generation ever. 91% of Gen Z believe everyone is equal and should be treated so. They feel most passionately about social justice issues and consequently tend to support free speech restrictions more than other generations, often disinviting speakers from their university campuses who hold beliefs out with their own. Moreover, this diversity is not limited to race. Gen Z also tends to be more supportive of gender-neutral terminology and choices, with this generation containing the highest ever recorded percentage of transgender individuals.  

So, how have their lives influenced their working culture? 

Due to Gen Z’s lack of work experience, childhood within a safety culture, and extensive experience with mental health issues, they have a higher level of fear and uncertainty about the workplace. Employee well-being is also crucial to this generation. Despite the world being safer, Gen Z is 21% more prone to anxiety than previous generations, which has led to higher levels of self-harm, suicide, and confidence issues like the ones discussed above. For this reason, Gen Z expects its employers to take these issues seriously, and prioritise them. 

The safety culture that Gen Zers tended to grow up in is also very different from their older counterparts. More overprotective parents have encouraged their Gen Z children to adopt a ‘slow life strategy’ due to a reduced financial need for modern teens to transform into adults. Growing up slower, alongside parental protection from life’s adversities, has detrimentally impacted the generation’s development and ability to cope. Older generations were allowed to fail, thus, building character and resilience, which is hugely beneficial in the working world where not everything is a straight road. Gen Z tends not to be accustomed to failure. 

However, Gen X, Millennials, and Boomers have an obligation as leaders to help the younger generation build these skills. It is down to the leaders to create a culture where Gen Z feels safe and empowered. Older generations must work with Gen Z through the storms to feel supported. 

Watch The Diary of the CEO episode feature Simon Sinek here.

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April 26, 2024

A Demand for Change

A Demand for Change: What Gen Z want to see from you

Gen Z is not the first generation to demand changes from the system; Baby Boomers and Millennials are examples of how revolutionary energies can mark young generations. However, Gen Z is the most unique: their revolution takes place on the internet. Tweets, podcasts, video essays on YouTube, posts on Instagram, or short clips on TikTok are the field for protests.  

Cancel culture, or call-out culture, is a contemporary phrase, that has become increasingly popular with Gen Z. It is a form of shunning in which someone or a company is pushed out of social or professional circles, which can be online, on social media, or in person. Some critics argue that cancel culture is problematic as it does not bring real social change, increases intolerance, and causes bullying. On the flip side, some critics argue that cancel culture promotes accountability and gives the underrepresented a voice.  

Businesses are at risk of being cancelled by Gen Z. With an estimated online shopping power of up to $143 billion, Gen Z consumers predominantly disengage with brands based on ethics and poor digital experiences. 75% of younger consumers believe businesses should take greater responsibility and do more to create a better and fairer world for everyone. Cancel culture can break a business; brands need to focus on their digital customer experiences and being socially responsible, as Gen Z is becoming an increasingly powerful demographic that every business needs to gain. 

TechCrunch found that 40% of Gen Z uses TikTok and Instagram for search instead of Google – here are some of the reasons: 

  • Visual representation that is vibrant and loud.
  • Gen Z’s desire to consume fast.
  • TikTok’s successful algorithm.
  • Answers are available via short videos.


Videos are widely circulated via Instagram and TikTok, so once a brand has done something unethical, a video is circulated regarding them. Of course, these videos are shared with millions of users as social media reaches far more than traditional news.  

So, how can companies be ready for Gen Z? 

Watch this video to find out.


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Customer Experience

April 26, 2024

The Evolution of Customer Experience

The Evolution of Customer Experience: What is your customer experience like at the moment? 

Does it feel great, just good or leave you underwhelmed or worse, upset, annoyed and frustrated? 

Has it got better? 

Do you feel like you receive a ‘joined-up’ service? Or are you passed around? 

Does the NPS – C-Sat invitation inspire you or leave you cold? 

Does it feel personal to you? 

Does it feel like things have gone backwards? 


At MiM we often feel it’s not great, and in some cases, going backwards. We experience frustrations with wait times, standard COVID resourcing messages, slow processes that are not linked together and the continual need to provide the same information.  

McKinsey in their ‘The State of Customer Care in 2022’ research concluded: 

“Customer care leaders are facing a perfect storm of challenges…” 

Now ‘customer care’ is often used as the main component driving the ‘customer experience.’ In our view, the experience should be seen as related to both single events and patterns created by a series of interactions – across all channels and interaction points offered and used at all stages of a relationship, from an initial buyer to a long-term customer or partner. 

One of the biggest challenges that businesses face is getting to grips with their customer experience.  The experience of buying products is as key as service or care contacts. Similarly, customer experience is not just the preserve of the ‘experience team’ or people in ‘sales and service.’ It should be a strategic focus across the whole business – from the C-suite to the front line. 

Now…back to the storm. 

Volumes of contacts and interactions are increasing. Digital solutions are often not yet delivered. Skilled staff are more mobile and harder to replace; adding all this to the rising expectations, surging inflation, and cost pressure, makes a storm indeed.  

We see progress and solutions beginning at the top of the organisation, informed by the front-line colleagues who experience everyday challenges. 

Having executive alignment around strategy, objectives, actions and measures through to intentionally building the right culture and exhibiting the right behaviours to motivate, enthuse, and build trust – all are essential 

Your strategy and plans should be comprehensive and be based on a clear understanding of what ‘customer experience’ actually is made up of and what you want it to be. Simplify where needed, apply skill and capability at the right times and link your customer’s experience to your people. 

You will need to invest in your technology and processes, due to continuous digital advancements. In parallel, you will be investing in your people, in their management, skills and capabilities, removing constraints and silo’s they often try to deliver through.  

Your spending needs to be smart to achieve its return. You will need to set matched and aligned KPIs and measures across marketing, sales, service and operations – it is an end-to-end requirement.  

You will need to communicate as adeptly inside your business as outside, and expertly in each interaction. You will be focusing as much on the emotional impact and empathy outcomes as meeting initial needs. 

As a reminder – Why are we doing this? 

  • Your customers –  Salesforce published that 80% of customers now point to customer experience as a key differentiator and 67% have higher standards than ever before.  
  • According to Deloittes, spending can increase by up to 140% after a positive experience and care costs can reduce by 33%. 
  • Brands that scored in the top25% in terms of employee engagement scored 10% higher on customer metrics. (Forbes) 
  • Your competition – According to CX Index, 34% of companies surveyed had motivating and building trust with employees as a primary strategic target and 44% were increasing budgets for customer experience initiatives. 
  • All CEO surveys show a continued focus on growth, digital and technology but a sharply rising priority around workforce, diversity and sustainability – reflecting your customer’s views. 


You may be facing challenges at the moment, related to growth, performance, integration, change or leadership. Those challenges may be based on capability or process, or may be reflected in culture and mindset.  

Our starting point is you and your business. We invest time in talking to you. Once we understand the nature of your challenges and the opportunities that you have, we can help. 

We build from within, not apply from outside. Creating method, rhythm and rigour within change. Developing and enhancing from a baseline that is yours and yours alone. Changing mindsets, behaviours, capabilities, processes, interactions and, importantly … outcomes. 

We may agree to be a sounding board for ideas and approaches. We could be expert advisors, facilitators, trainers, coaches or change partners. 

We never forget that it is fundamentally about you and your customers, creating results and continually improving. 

Transform your Customers and People’s Experience with Masters in Minds. You know what to do if you want to discuss! 


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