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What makes us MiM

We prioritise innovative approaches to maximise individual and organisational potential, focusing on evidence-based practices, continuous learning, and personalised development plans. Our ethos is rooted in scientific rigour, client collaboration, and sustainable growth, ensuring impactful and lasting improvements in performance and well-being.



We’ve always kept people at our core. We listen, we consult, we care. We bring transparency and integrity to everything we do. We take our social responsibilities seriously. And we treat everyone, warmly and sincerely, always bringing a very natural, very human approach to everything we do.



In our vibrant, constantly learning, constantly questioning way, we bring a bright, fresh energy to our clients. We’re innovative – trying new things and new thinking, like harnessing new digital innovations. Always keeping moving forward, always improving lives. We never stand still.



Whilst we’re exceptionally professional, responsible and serious about what we do (and about getting serious results for our clients), we like to enjoy the process and have fun. We love what we do. We love seeing the positive impact on business and people. And we want that enthusiasm and passion to be infectious.



As positive optimists, we believe businesses can have a much more beneficial effect on society as a whole. We spend so much time at work, let’s make it somewhere that enriches our lives. We have the expertise, tools and platform to help businesses change into something more.


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Through our comprehensive training solutions, we foster growth, cultivate excellence, and drive measurable results.

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MiM Digital empowers organisations to unlock their full potential and achieve their goals using our digital people platforms.

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Our USP and What Sets us Apart

These phrases will give you a feel of who we are and how we show up. Discover More



We’re genuine people people, totally grounded and down to earth – so exciting new ideas for your business can really take off.



We’re a no nonsense, friendly bunch of grafters, with a family-feel – and we’re always like that with every size, shape and scale of business.



We’re always on it – utterly reliable, thoroughly dependable, reassuringly unflappable and consistent in our delivery – that’s a huge weight off for clients.



We love bringing our clients the latest trends, new ideas, and cutting edge thinking, so they are full prepped to take advantage of it for their business.



We know that amazing things happen when people come together, and our expertise, enthusiasm and energy make us a welcome player to team up with.



Our partners know we get things done, by bringing a bright, fresh energy to our sector – that keeps them, and us, always moving forwards.



We keep getting told we really get our clients and what they need, working seamlessly as one genuine, unified team.



We’re massively proud of what we do – it’s all our interests and passions wrapped up in a busy, buzzing place, so we get as much out of it all as our clients do.



We bring bags of experience and tonnes of expertise so you know every single detail, big, medium and tiny, will be nailed down – and then we can go beyond…



We remain forever forward thinking and inquisitive, trying new things, new thinking, to lead the way in how businesses can manage change.



Every decision is made for the best reason – not for the most profitable, or what’s going to make us look good, but what’s best for our clients and their people.



We are on a mission, to bring about continuous improvement, and constant innovations -we’ve made great leaps forward but we’re not done yet…



We have history, and an enviable track record, so we know what we’re doing – we have serious heritage, and are seriously experienced.



We bring a welcome clarity and an effective perspective that makes things happen, by unshackling, uncomplicating and understanding.



Hitches, glitches and curveballs…nothing phases our experts and specialists, they’ve been there, seen that, dealt with it all.

Specialist Areas

Strategic Execution & Implementation

Strategic Execution and Implementation involve turning plans into action and ensuring organisational strategies are effectively implemented to achieve goals, improve performance, and drive business success.

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Customer Experience

Customer experience (CX) refers to customers' overall perception and interaction with a company or brand throughout their entire journey. It encompasses all touchpoints and interactions, from initial awareness to post-purchase support.

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Growth, Marketing and Sales

Growth, marketing, and sales are interconnected aspects of business that work together to drive revenue, acquire customers, and expand market presence. Here's an overview of each area and how they contribute to the overall success of a business.

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People Performance

Our People Performance focuses on understanding human behaviour, optimising team dynamics, and enhancing organisational effectiveness through psychological principles and performance management strategies. 

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Organisational Performance

Organisational Performance measures how effectively an organisation meets its goals enhances productivity, and achieves growth through efficient processes, strong leadership, and employee engagement.

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Feature Insights


April 29, 2024

73% say their C-Suite rarely, if ever work together on projects or strategic initiatives.
The world of work is facing dramatic change driven by technology, demographic shifts, and the evolving expectations of talent. Most recently, we have also witnessed a profound shift in the mindset of organisations, and the role they are expected to play within wider society.
Senior leaders can’t afford to work in silos in today’s complex, dynamic environment. The goal is to act as a symphony of experts playing in harmony—instead of a cacophony of experts who sound great alone, but not together. Consciously creating their strategies, aligning their goals and objectives, prioritising, implementing, and ensuring the culture is enabling and engaging.

The global survey of more than 11,000 business and HR leaders across 124 countries, reveals 10 areas for businesses to focus on to better organise, manage, develop, and align people at work. (Deloitte)

   The symphonic c-suite.
   People data.
   From careers to experiences.
   Hyper-connected workplace.
   New rewards.
   Citizenship and social-impact.
   AI, robotics, and automation.
   The longevity dividend.
   The workforce ecosystem.

Previously Deloittes’ 2016 ‘Global Human Capital Trends 2016: The New Organisation: Different by Design, led with a very telling statistic:


“82% of leaders say they believe that ‘culture’ is a competitive advantage, yet fewer than 1 in 3 executives say they understand their own organisational culture”.

Think about that for a moment… whatever it turns out this mysterious substance called ‘culture’ is…eight out of ten people say it’s a competitive advantage, to be grasped or missed…but seven out of ten don’t know what it looks like, sounds like, or feels like. What chance of grasping that competitive advantage? How do you address the newly defined 10 focus areas if you don’t know your starting point?


Leadership models are changing, as organisations dismantle the classic management pyramid, we are now in the dawning of the ‘symphonic c-suite’. ‘Teams leading Teams’. End of the Silo. Technology and business disruption are fuelling the demand for a “new organisation”. Social enterprise. Catering to the employee experience is a top priority for business and HR leaders. Experience and well-being v career.

So: leadership, organisation design and capability, technology, and how people ‘feel’ are important. What else do we know? What is the ‘culture’ stuff? Before the 2018, 2016 research – the 2015 report gave us a good insight:

‘Organisations that create a culture defined by meaningful work, deep employee engagement, job and organisational fit, and strong leadership are outperforming their peers and will likely beat their competition in attracting top talent’.

How do we create meaningful work? How do we engage people? How does a C-suite be a symphony? How do we create experiences vs careers? Where do we place well-being in the priorities?

Here’s a thought for you: We need to get real…culture is the way we do things around here. Get a handle on your baseline.

Culture is tangible and measurable. It is not just something that is printed on a card and distributed to staff, turned into posters, molded into a coaster, branded into a coffee mug, or used to decorate the front of a t-shirt…yes, that’s been tried…as has singing the company song. This is all good stuff for the suppliers who make this stuff, and maybe even for the local choirmaster, and it’ll keep a few souls busy in the marketing and people department (departments are no longer required. Remember, teams leading teams)…none of the above creates the culture. Why not?

Because whether you are a member of the 30% who thinks they understand their culture, or whether you are one of the puzzled and curious 70% that don’t…your people will believe what you do, not what you say. If you are a leader that’s how you create and reinforce your culture on a daily basis, whether you are consciously attempting to do so, or are blissfully unaware of how important you are.


Culture is how we think and do things around here – a behavioural expression of the things we value, a procedural expression, a structural expression…a leadership expression. You can’t lie about it…because actions speak louder than words. The more senior you are, the more your own actions and decisions are scrutinised and measured against what you say you’re about.


Your organisational culture, whether you like it or not, understand it or not, will reflect you.

Culture is an outcome.

PS : Culture is not soft.
The Evidence, the excellent report from Engage for Success, states that companies with engagement scores in the top quartile have twice the net profit of those in the bottom quartile. This stat is being quoted but is it being acted upon across a wide enough community of organisations?

Culture is a living thing, being shaped all the time, whether actively or passively – consciously or unconsciously.

Repeat – Culture is an outcome.

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April 29, 2024

I am Gen Z

Cynical with an addiction to technology and a habit of multi-tasking…welcome to Generation Z.

For most companies, the idea of having to adapt their managing styles and environment to prepare for the ever-growing influx of Generation Z employees is a daunting idea considering most have just gotten used to the Millennials.

The generation before brought more relaxed company structures, an ambition to quickly progress in their career, a sense of idealism, and a willingness to move on from an organisation if it isn’t working for them. Through this, innovative companies such as Google were formed which completely broke out of the norm of a company environment increasing the satisfaction of employees and productivity considerably.

So the question on everyone’s mind is…What will the next generation bring?

Generation Z is anyone from the age of seven to twenty-one, meaning that the older half of this generation (myself included) are just starting to enter the business world. Currently, in the United States, just over 25% of the workforce is made up of people from this generation and that’s estimated to reach a third in just three years time (2020). Research has found a number of qualities prevalent in the majority of Generation Z from things like their ‘addictions’ to technology to their increased importance being placed on privacy.


The stereotype of this generation constantly being on some sort of technological device is closer to the truth than most would like to admit with many teens placing it in the same category as air and water importance-wise.

At first, this seems ridiculous however this could be turned into a huge economical advantage for businesses across the world. In 2015, the CMO Survey asked marketers how they show the impact of social media on their business; only 15% cited they have been able to prove the impact quantitatively proving that most companies are missing the mark when it comes to technology.

Surely managers should be using the wave of the Gen Zs?

I am suggesting that instead of criticising the amount of time this generation spends on their devices surely we should be directing it in a more productive manner.

Business is not the only place in which technology, in particular social media, is becoming increasingly important. Look at political events such as the American presidential election; love him or hate him Donald Trump’s tweets were the talk of the majority of news outlets throughout the election. Not only that but we saw people from across the world engaging in debates on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even Snapchat. If this doesn’t convince you of the power of social media surely the fact that 11,000 votes were cast for effectively a viral meme, Harambe (RIP), in the actual election.

Multi-tasking is another key area that companies are not taking enough advantage in this generation. The famous saying that multi-tasking is actually multi-failing is definitely a thing of the past, the ability to complete different tasks effectively is something that could massively increase the productivity of businesses and public sector organisations.

Given the current productivity levels in the US and UK and the negative impact on GDP it’s worth considering.

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Mindset, Attitudes and Behaviuors

April 29, 2024

Happiness & Wellbeing

Are happiness, well being, & engagement worthy of a place in your strategy?


“You don’t build a business, you build people and then people build the business”
– Vince Lombardi


Do we really need to be happy in the workplace? Isn’t it asking for a bit too much? Shouldn’t we just get on with the job? And wouldn’t we just be less efficient if we were all having a good time? Then again, what if my happiness gets in the way of someone else’s? And is my happiness at work my responsibility or my employer’s?

Unhappy employees outnumber happy ones by two to one, according to a Gallup report. At what cost? The fact is, happier people are more productive. A very modest 1% increase in productivity would benefit a company of say 200 employees by £80,000. Happier people are healthier people. A decrease in sickness absence by just 1 day per employee would benefit the same company £33,333.

Happier employees don’t leave as often. Just a 10% reduction in staff turnover would benefit the same company £51,200. People like to belong to something, we look for meaning in our lives. We can create environments where people thrive versus survive – where there is the opportunity to be a whole person rather than leave half yourself at home.

More than ever people feel a need to align with others, with ideas and companies that make them feel they are part of something bigger than themselves. A sense of purpose, a reason for being, and the answer to the question “Why is this a good place to be?” Today, in particular, for our Gen Z'ers, their idea of good is shaped by an increased awareness of their own needs, beliefs, interests, and aspirations – a heightened concern for the planet and empathy for its people.

People are now, more than ever, seeking out employers that clearly state – and live out – their meaningful ambition for the greater good. They want to feel their jobs are creating good for themselves, the company, and for the world. That’s what makes many of us happy = engaged = productive = doing good.


“If people are good only because they fear punishment, and hope for reward, then we are a sorry lot indeed.”
– Albert Einstein.


What are the levels of meaningfulness in your organisation? How does it correlate with your engagement levels – people and customers/clients?

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April 26, 2024

Strengths-based cultures start at the top

We can’t help you change Big Dave’s novelty ties, but pretty much everything else is up for grabs.

To deliver successful transformation we must remain humble. Assumption can be a fatal flaw. The key to opening opportunity is to start with ‘we don’t know what we don’t know’. No two businesses are the same. Their challenges are maybe similar, but their people, culture, and desired outcomes will always be unique.


Transformation is the spark

Transformation done well will ignite the passion and instill the grit needed in your leaders and people. This will help them to unpick past problems and unlock the future.


Reoccurring themes that lead to unsuccessful outcomes;

  1. Senior leadership not seeing a need to change since they believe they are “already a change agent”.
  2. Problems that arise when change is pushed without assessing change readiness, culture, or preparing employees.
  3. When a transformation is poorly led, fatigue can derail the most valiant efforts for change.


Strengths-based cultures start at the top.

Leaders who invest in a strengths-based culture know that employees’ productivity impacts business outcomes. Employees who use their strengths are nearly six times more engaged, perform more highly, and are much less likely to leave.


Transformational Change


Wearing a Big Dave tie is optional!


MiM can change your DNA

We help people and businesses play to their strengths, and realise developmental gaps. With a shift in mindset, positive dramatic transformation and measurable outcomes are possible. It’s why we’re in business – to change workplaces, wherever and whatever they are, into spaces where people feel more inspired, empowered, and engaged…and where more people have that Big Dave feeling about what they wear when they rock up to their next Teams/Skype meeting, for instance.

Change your thinking to change your outcome. The journey starts with what we don’t know. MiM diagnostic tools will put a spotlight on what matters so problems can be flipped, and opportunities realised. 


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