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Specialist Areas

Strategic Execution & Implementation

Strategic Execution and Implementation involve turning plans into action and ensuring organisational strategies are effectively implemented to achieve goals, improve performance, and drive business success.

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Customer Experience

Customer experience (CX) refers to customers' overall perception and interaction with a company or brand throughout their entire journey. It encompasses all touchpoints and interactions, from initial awareness to post-purchase support.

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Growth, Marketing and Sales

Growth, marketing, and sales are interconnected aspects of business that work together to drive revenue, acquire customers, and expand market presence. Here's an overview of each area and how they contribute to the overall success of a business.

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People Performance

Our People Performance focuses on understanding human behaviour, optimising team dynamics, and enhancing organisational effectiveness through psychological principles and performance management strategies. 

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Organisational Performance

Organisational Performance measures how effectively an organisation meets its goals enhances productivity, and achieves growth through efficient processes, strong leadership, and employee engagement.

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Feature Insights

Business Saviness

April 29, 2024

MIM gets Bloom accreditation

We’re delighted to announce that we’re now an accredited supplier to Bloom. Delivering the Nepro-neutral vendor solution, Bloom specialises in bringing together a community of buyers and suppliers to help the public sector buy professional services better. It’s opening up procurement.


Managing Director, Julie McCann said, “We are delighted to be recognised as Culture Change specialists and look forward to be working with Bloom and their community of buyers”.

Bloom Accredited Supplier

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Business Saviness

April 29, 2024

Masters in Minds acquires Venturehaus
Masters in Minds has taken over Venturehaus, the London-based Operational Excellence specialist in Financial Services.


Julie McCann, Managing Director of Masters in Minds, said “We are excited to bring Alan Noble and the Venturehaus team into the MIM family. Our combined experience offers the financial services sector an approach that is pragmatic and deliverable. This creates a responsible corporate culture encompassing customer-centric service, Lean continuous improvement, and reliable business success for the board and shareholders. We are different, we diagnose the problem, we analyse the culture and its openness to change, and we then create and implement change in direct alignment with the overall strategy. We don’t just find the problem, we fix it and we transfer knowledge across our clients’ organisations to ensure sustainability.”

Alan Noble, Managing Director of Venturehaus, was delighted by the takeover. “We have been talking to the team at Masters in Minds for the past 18 months about the opportunity to join forces and I am particularly pleased to make this announcement today. We share the same values and business ethics, and we both deliver transformational business benefits in the work we carry out for our clients. Venturehaus’ expertise in operational excellence has now been combined with the extensive skills in organisational, cultural, and behavioural change offered by Masters. This combination is perfect for the financial services market in which executives are not only accountable for business performance and governance but now have an additional fiduciary responsibility for their corporate culture.”

Venturehaus Ltd
Venturehaus is a specialist management consultancy and training firm which helps Financial Institutions achieve Operational Excellence through improvement in their business performance, and in their management of growth, change, re-organisation, M&A integration, customer experience, process improvement, performance assurance, and regulatory compliance.


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