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April 26, 2024

Why you need MiM LaaS:

An interesting article in the Business Journals that we suggest everyone to read. As the author rightly says:

‘Investing in employees is no longer a nice to have, but a must-have.’

As you read the article, you’ll read how to invest in your employees affordably:

  • Establish a learning culture: a culture that constantly develops knowledge and encourages learning new skills. A strong learning culture enables employees to seek, share, and apply new skills and knowledge.

  • Create a microlearning programme: microlearning is a useful format as it is relevant information delivered at the appropriate time, such as learning videos or infographics with absorbable information.

  • Train leaders to become mentors/coaches: With the correct tools, teach leaders to be accountable for creating a relationship with their direct reports.

  • Provide free content: Create relevant content, through various formats, to be readily accessible to employees.

  • Provide stipends for self-learning: Offer employees a learning and development stipend to attend varied sessions. Axonify found that 76% of employees said they would find a job more attractive if it came with learning and development opportunities.

These are all effective methods to invest in employees; however, you may be wondering: it seems like it will take a lot of time. From one leader to another, I know time is of the essence. But, I have a quick way that you can accomplish all of that without having to leave your desk.

MiM LaaS can do all of those investment methods and more. MiM LaaS is a unique learning-as-a-service solution. We do not just provide e-learning courses; we have various features that businesses can benefit from, which is why you need MiM LaaS.

We have microlearning and content readily available; your employees can benefit from animated bite-size courses, download resources whenever, and a function where you can design your own courses. There’s no need to provide a stipend for your employees as MiM LaaS includes (plan dependent) business webinars, access to a digital quarterly leaders forum/group, and an online social community, which is advantageous to develop leaders.

MiM LaaS creates a strong learning culture and develops your business. Regardless of which plan your organisation is on, you will have an implementation manager, so there’s no need to be tech-savvy or go through a transitional period. Each plan has an allocated number of consultancy days where you can benefit from specialist knowledge to develop your organisation.

Furthermore, you can benefit from online action clinics and architecturally designed development glide-path for colleagues. Our e-learning courses include gamification and bespoke certificates to keep your employees motivated. You can include our bespoke services, Johari360° and Mindset Indicator Monitor™, designed to develop your business and report any challenges your business could face during a change transformation.

Again, this will all be done from the comfort of your desk – you don’t have to leave. MiM LaaS is designed for leaders to continue doing what they do best while we care for the rest.

As the article said: It’s clear that employees are eager to improve their skill set, and companies that invest in their employees’ future are going to have a competitive advantage over those that do not.

Do you want to have an advantage over your competitors?

If you do, book a meeting with us and take advantage of your free demo!

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