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We think differently, that’s why we ‘do’ differently. Delivering transformative results for our clients. That’s what they say. We are rewriting the old consultancy rulebook. So forget the jargon. This is an approach that works. We deliver the results. And our clients love it.

Mindset Indicator Monitor ™

This exclusive Masters in Minds product enables our team to analyse an individual’s and organisation’s mindset and its openness to change. It highlights areas where the most attention is needed in order to deliver a successful programme.

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Culture Audit
A holistic tool that analyses the culture in your company and pinpoints where and how to consciously change it to increase staff engagement and performance.
Johari360 ™
Introducing… Johari360 Evaluations
Personal analysis is crucial to the success of any organisation.

It’s how you identify the gaps between where you are now, and where you want to be.

Johari360 evaluations focus on the future of your organisation, using your strategic goals as a basis to build success.

We work with you to build bespoke digital 360 evaluations for leaders at CEO-S-Suite, Senior, and Management Level. Using competencies, we assess whether your leaders have the necessary skills and approaches to deliver.

The results can then be shared respectfully, and next steps identified and implemented.

With over 100+ years of experience in senior positions across the Johari360 team, we are ideally placed to support you to plan, deliver and analyse 360 evaluations, tailored just for you.

A Masters in Minds created coaching performance tool. Designed to connect you and your teams to purpose, your why, radically uplifting performance as a result.

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Prince 2 Project Management Methodology
This is our chosen project management methodology and we use this across all of our programmes ensuring, smooth, documented roadmaps and progress charts.

Our team of Project Managers are Prince 2 qualified.

Myers Briggs MBTI
We have a selection of consultants who are certified to deliver MBTI Step 1+2 to assess people’s characters and illustrate how they perceive the world around them and make decisions. This can then be used as a personal development tool which helps teams and people work more efficiently by adopting working practices to fit their personality.
Lean Six Sigma
We have a team of Lean Six Sigma consultants who have vast experience delivering savings and increasing productivity by removing waste and inefficiency. The Lean Six Sigma experts work closely with our People Transformation experts to design and deliver our bespoke People-Lean-Transformation™ Programme (PLT).
The 7Cs step approach
We have a deeply talented range of coaches and mentors. Someone to suit everyone within an organisation. The 7C’s step approach is our methodology in selecting the correct mentor or coach and getting the right support.
Leader Lens™
Another exclusive Masters in Minds product that enables our team to educate, challenge and grow future leaders by helping them formulate considered and synthesised decisions though a mindful approach to decision-making.
DBM accredited coaching
NLP Preferred Representational System Assessment
We use a quick and simple assessment to analyse quickly how people like to communicate and receive information. Once we know someone’s primary representational system, we can speak in a way that’s pleasing to them and gains rapport with their unconscious mind.

This enables the participant to build better rapport with peers and customers which leads to more successful relationships.

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Values Based Decision Lens
Not making a decision for fear of it being ‘wrong’, losing someone’s approval, or selfish responses can threaten progress, momentum and can lose a customer or even a market. Our Lens considers each aspect of the business – its holistic wellbeing. This tool will inform leaders and managers giving them the confidence to make wise, considered values-based decisions.
Transformative Change & Governance & IT
Another exclusive MIM Lens is ‘transformation for transformation – change for change’, bringing new thinking to those responsible for delivering change successfully into their organisations -the Portfolio Board, the IT & Developers and the Change Partners. We bring new thinking for leading people through change and moving through resistance smoothly and with pace, putting people onto the Transformation Roadmap alongside tech, process and risk.
Challenger Sales Lens
Our team have developed a customer centric bespoke challenger sales programme. The aim is for it to add value to the client or customer oppose to sell on features or price.
CX Lens
Our customer experience Lens views the world through the eyes of the customer making it easy for them to do business with you – getting the experience they want and your brand deserves.

What our clients say…

“The coaching I’ve had from you has been excellent, thank you, you have helped me so much and I really feel I have grown as a result, I’ve come a long way from the person who was nervous to do a short presentation in front of the video camera on day 1 of LDP and feeling I wasn’t good enough.”
– Angela Rondeau, Strategic Projects, Mitsubishi Electric LES

“I am excited that I now, not only have a better understanding about what it is I have to do to get great results from my team, but my team is also starting to understand the expectation on them, the support available to them, and the fact that they will learn how they can directly affect the teams overall performance using a common set of techniques and practices based on common values and standards.”
– Senior Rig Manager, Transocean


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