Changing Outcomes

We flip problems and maximise opportunities.


We believe that businesses can positively contribute to society by creating a transformed corporate culture that people can thrive and grow in. When we experience satisfaction and wellbeing in all aspects of our lives, our contribution to the world is a positive one.

OUR how

Our approach to changing company culture is centered around understanding the existing organisational thinking, behaviours and capabilities, along with with the current levels of engagement and performance. Will they deliver the business goals and ambitions?

OUR what

We deliver results through discovery and implementation. Either for you or with you. We enable you to then continue the journey yourselves – self-sufficient and sustainable. Transformation, change and continuous improvement is our game delivered through bespoke programmes and interventions.

Changing Company Culture

We flip problems and maximise opportunities through our hybrid company culture transformation services

Building Company Culture from the Inside Out

Here at Masters in Mind, our approach to business culture transformation is practical and pragmatic. We work with business leaders from London to New York and everywhere in between, to change results and outcomes for the better. It all starts with thinking, which influences behaviour, which has a direct impact on outcomes, for the entire organisation. Our team of expert company culture transformation consultants can work with businesses at any stage of development, and at any starting point. Through our supportive and collaborative hybrid programme, we look forward to working with your organisation to build a better working environment for everyone. Transparency and integrity, as well as curiosity and positive empowerment are at the centre of everything we do.

Problems We Solve

Opportunities We Realise

Saving PA

increase in customer Net Promotor Score (NPS)

reduction in official complaints to the Works Council

reduction in absenteeism

reduction time to process a plan

increase in productivity

increase in conversions

would recommend our programmes to others

increase in Bond reinvestments

increase in CSR’s skill-set after interventions

increase in productivity

Our Services – How we Build Company Culture

Conscious Leadership – Our approach to leadership development teaches directors and managers how to use their personal experience to inspire how they lead. Mindset, skills, behaviours and abilities are all key to leading well.

Engagement and Wellbeing- From mindfulness and psychological safety, to communication and personal development, we show you ways to listen to your employees, and help prioritise their wellbeing in the workplace. Healthy people are key to effective corporate culture transformation.

People & AI – Our interactive hybrid workshops are here to empower UK businesses to use AI and new technology to the advantage of everyone in the workplace. We help leaders design and implement the best strategies for implementing AI into the way they work.

Culture Transformation – Building company culture starts with understanding the existing culture in your organisation. We work with businesses across the UK to move towards an intentional approach to culture, helping you to create actionable insights to drive real change.

Finding & Keeping Talent – Our consultants are here to help you find the right people for your organisation. From recruitment to onboarding, we can help you find and develop the right people to take your company forward. 

Executing Strategy Well – Focusing on putting plans and goals into action, our company culture transformation consultants will help you bring about the future you want for your company.

Our Methodology

We have created a structured yet flexible business culture transformation platform that can adapt to businesses of any size and structure. Our six steps work together to create an interactive and dynamic experience, as you understand your existing culture, where you want to get to, creating actionable plans, and outworking a new strategy. Our experienced corporate culture change consultants will be here with you every step of the way, to help you get the results you want and need.

How Open to Business Culture Transformation & Change is Your Organisation?

How to win fans and influence people

We think differently. That’s why we ‘do’ differently. Delivering transformative results for our clients across the UK, from London to Manchester. That’s what they say. We are rewriting the old consultancy rulebook. So forget the jargon. This is an approach that works. We deliver the results. And our clients love it.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them.”


– Albert Einstein

What our clients say...

"Finding a credible supplier to work with a time poor, senior leadership team is not always easy, due to the multiple personalities involved and different needs.  However, Masters in Minds (MiMs), nailed it.  From initial introductions, through to a measurably successful, company-wide, senior leader coaching development programme, and all the touch-points in-between, MiMs demonstrated their prowess, modelled through their expertise, skills, knowledge and ability to work with a diverse and complex organisation.

This resulted in a senior leader cadre, gaining both skill and practical ability in applying coaching techniques, which in turn, facilitated in an increase in self-awareness, confidence having richer career development conversations, and improved working relationships.  No mean feat!

Would absolutely work with MiMs again – and recommend".

- Anna Petts – Head of OD and Learning, Agilisys

“Thank so much for supporting me whilst I was at Mitsubishi, and helping me with your insight and vision....aside from how wonderful Andria and the team are and how they all strive for excellence every day, I think....sadly it’s going to take a lot longer than first thought...for various reasons...not my reason for leaving mind you, but a big contributing factor in how I saw the future at Mitsi Once again, so much thanks to you and your team, I can see MIM is growing...well done and wish you every success for the future.”
- Emma Bint, Continuous Improvement Business Partner, Electrocomponents PLC
“"I can’t express how effective, supportive and meaningful my learning experience with Masters In Minds has been. Leadership’s a complex subject and it’s challenges are different for everyone, but the team’s ability to listen first and then expertly tailor their teachings results in maximum learning outcome and benefit. Particularly beneficial was the on-going mentoring and coaching which enabled me to practice learnings and explore themes, topics or even emotions to a point of clarity and within a safe, supportive environment. The growth I’ve experienced working with MiM is both tangible and powerful, and I will carry their teachings with me forever. Thank you Julie & team for making me a better leader and a more confident and balanced professional.”
- Andy Blake, Service Quality, Ovarro, now Rolls Royce
"I just wanted to say a big thank you to you all for my Award, It was very unexpected and I really do appreciate the lovely thought.

Julie it was lovely to see you again and I hope that we all meet up very soon !

Thank you again for all your help and support you have really made me grow as a person !

Yesterday I delivered a presentation to the LT on Customer Service Strategy…..I aced it 😊 and that is all thanks to you."

- Jane, Ovarro, now Rolls Royce

"Julie is an exceptional mentor. Her guidance and support have been invaluable and great for my career growth. I always finish our calls full of positive energy and ready to take on my next challenge. I’m grateful for her encouragement and wisdom."

- Gilda Leicer Avila, Liberty Global

“It’s a real pleasure working with the team at Masters in Minds. They have positively changed mindsets in our business, causing a ripple effect throughout our teams from leadership to individuals, that has transformed how we work across the organisation. Their training and guidance is enabling us to be better leaders, to work more collaboratively and establish new ways of working that support a strong future for our business.”
- Kathryn Langley, Global Marketing Manager, Ovarro

“Working with MiM is a real pleasure...they listen and understand you as a business and deliver at an exceptional level...they also challenge and provoke in a way that makes you smile...I would recommend using them in your business.”
- Anton Manley, Chief Client Officer, Webhelp UK, India and South Africa

“The team at Masters in Minds, both collectively and individually, are a pleasure to work with. Professional in tempo and approach, they excel in tailoring their expertise and energy to specific business needs. On the latest engagement, the program was organised with precision, was flexed where required to accommodate the pace at which we could cope with but ultimately delivered agreed business outcomes. Supportive outside the normal program schedule, their individual insights and support have been valued by myself as well as my team. Combining fun with new learning is their ‘mantra’ and has been a significant factor in the transformation in the way we behave and engage with our customers going forward.”
- Malcolm Flanders, Head of Channels, Golden Charter

“The standard that is delivered is of the highest quality from all Masters in Minds Associates involved. Not only do they apply Lean Sigma and systems thinking to the tasks and processes at hand, they deliver some key mindset training that helps those involved in the change their approach to deliver successful and sustainable change. The passion shines through the team and there is a real feeling that you are invested in the successful delivery of our programme which filters through to those involved.”
- Lynne Phillips, PMO, Golden Charter

“A life changing experience that has help me massively in and outside of work. It has helped me manage my own self by a different way of thinking. It’s been like learning a new language, which now I feel confident in, and I can understand the people! The results in people around the business have been phenomenal! I have so much good stuff to say about LDP!”
- Michelle Coombes, Divisional Director

Using Masters in Minds 'DBM Coaching' tool, my team's conversation increased from 33% to 66%, and some weeks a few of the group were converting 100%!” Thanks, MiM!

- Contact Centre Sales Manager


The Leader as a Coach course has been really inspirational and I've loved every minute. It's encouraged me to take up a coaching apprenticeship and to work for a recognised diploma so I have all skills and techniques to weave coaching across my communications practice. All thanks to Angella, David and Kevin.

- Mary, Senior Executive, Agilisys


Masters in Mind (MiM) are an extraordinary company. As one of their clients, I have seen many examples of their talents and have long been impressed with their diligence, expertise, and ability to change outcomes.

MiM joined the team during a period of growth for the business and led a highly successful Programme of Work which instilled a shared vision from Boardroom to front line operations, which was no mean feat. Through a series of workshops, the management team throughout the organisation were supported in the development of a business plan that would ultimately change the culture and achieve the long term business goals. At the heart of this Programme of Work was a laser focused Coaching model which was embedded and embraced throughout the UK operational team and remains strong to this day.

In a world where there is an abundance of options, MiM stands above the rest and has truly changed the Outcome within our organization, I would highly recommend the MiM team and would work with them in the future.
- Craig McIntosh, Snr, Operations, Webhelp


From initial contact with Julie through the Vistage Networks through to the conclusion of the project, MIM were excellent to work with from start to finish. Kerry and Kevin not only took time to understand our challenges and what we were trying to achieve from the process, but they really took the time to understand our business and our people. Throughout the process they asked lots of questions that challenged our thinking, and were helpful in answering our questions and prompted some excellent discussions that developed our thinking around key areas. The final piece of work they have produced is a professional, ready to use solution that is bespoke to our business. We are very excited to be able to role this out with our team and beyond.


- Lee McCloy PhD,Commercial Director, IMV-IMAGING


We are proud to have worked with a wide range of companies in London, Manchester and the rest of the UK. Read their stories of how working with our company culture change consultants has changed how they work for the better.

We respect our clients privacy and only share the details of those clients who have given their blessing. If you would like to know more we can do this F2F or via VC, just let us know your preference.


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