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We think differently, that’s why we ‘do’ differently. Delivering transformative results for our clients. That’s what they say. We are rewriting the old consultancy rulebook. So forget the jargon. This is an approach that works. We deliver the results. And our clients love it.

‘Andragogy and our Learning Culture’

“Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.” Albert Einstein Adult learning was studied by Malcolm Shepherd Knowles in the 1960’s and ‘The Modern Practice of Adult Education: Andragogy v’s Pedagogy’, released in 1970. The term...

Book Review – The Infinite Game – Simon Sinek

“We cannot choose the game. We cannot choose the rules. We can only choose how we play”, so the back cover of Simon Sinek’s new book goes. This book is a superb follow up to Leaders Eat Last which you’ll find on our recommended reading list on the website, please...

Silo and the Hinge

Concentrating efforts on the Hinge rather than the Silo might win the battle.   55% of companies still work in silos[1] which is a shocking statistic when it’s reckoned that silos cost the top 500 companies in America around $31.5 Billion a year[2]. You would...

Book Review – Beyond Performance 2.0 by Scott Keller & Bill Schaninger

  This brilliant new book emphasises the importance of a bespoke approach to large-scale change because copying and pasting ‘best practice’ ideas onto an organisation, hasn’t got the legs for the long haul. The need to make informed and correct choices...

Masters in Minds acquires Venturehaus

Masters in Minds has taken over Venturehaus, the London-based Operational Excellence specialist in Financial Services. Julie McCann, Managing Director of Masters in Minds, said “We are excited to bring Alan Noble and the Venturehaus team into the MIM family. Our...

MIM gets Bloom accreditation

We’re delighted to announce that we’re now an accredited supplier to Bloom. Delivering the Nepro neutral vendor solution, Bloom specialises in bringing together a community of buyers and suppliers to help the public sector buy professional services better. It’s...

Happiness & Wellbeing

Are happiness, wellbeing & engagement worthy of a place in your strategy? “You don’t build a business, you build people and then people build the business”- Vince Lombardi Do we really need to be happy in the workplace? Isn't it asking for a bit too much?...

The Mindset of Change Leaders

The Mindset of Change Leaders Having spent over 20 pragmatic years creating and leading change in organisations and also having studying it academically I believe I have a good take on it by now! I’ve learnt that there is a difference between change management and...

I am Gen Z

I am Gen Z Elysia Sky, 17, @ Masters In Minds Ltd Cynical with an addiction to technology and a habit of multi tasking…welcome to Generation Z. For most companies the idea of having to adapt their managing styles and environment to prepare for the ever-growing...

73% say their C-Suite rarely, if ever work together on projects or strategic initiatives.

73% say their C-Suite rarely, if ever work together on projects or strategic initiatives. (Deloitte 2018) The world of work is facing dramatic change driven by technology, demographic shifts and the evolving expectations of talent. Most recently, we have also...

What our clients say...

“I’m not a lover of external, independent consultants …they ask to borrow your watch, so they can tell you the time …however, that’s not MiM ! What I like about MiM is how they share good practice from one silo to another, to create thought provoking dialogue, which opens-up, collaborative new thinking, theirs and ours. All of which, is delivered with a sense of integrity, they’re happy to challenge you, without confronting you …that’s how it comes across.”
- Deane Flint, President UK & Ireland, Mitsubishi Electric

“Working with MiM is a real pleasure...they listen and understand you as a business and deliver at an exceptional level...they also challenge and provoke in a way that makes you smile...I would recommend using them in your business.”
- Anton Manley, Chief Client Officer, Webhelp UK, India and South Africa

“The team at Masters in Minds, both collectively and individually, are a pleasure to work with. Professional in tempo and approach, they excel in tailoring their expertise and energy to specific business needs. On the latest engagement, the program was organised with precision, was flexed where required to accommodate the pace at which we could cope with but ultimately delivered agreed business outcomes. Supportive outside the normal program schedule, their individual insights and support have been valued by myself as well as my team. Combining fun with new learning is their ‘mantra’ and has been a significant factor in the transformation in the way we behave and engage with our customers going forward.”
- Malcolm Flanders, Head of Channels, Golden Charter

“The standard that is delivered is of the highest quality from all Masters in Minds Associates involved. Not only do they apply Lean Sigma and systems thinking to the tasks and processes at hand, they deliver some key mindset training that helps those involved in the change their approach to deliver successful and sustainable change. The passion shines through the team and there is a real feeling that you are invested in the successful delivery of our programme which filters through to those involved.”
- Lynne Phillips, PMO, Golden Charter

“A life changing experience that has help me massively in and outside of work. It has helped me manage my own self by a different way of thinking. It’s been like learning a new language, which now I feel confident in, and I can understand the people! The results in people around the business have been phenomenal! I have so much good stuff to say about LDP!”
- Michelle Coombes, Divisional Director, Mitsubishi Electric LES

We respect our clients privacy and only share the details of those clients who have given their blessing. If you would like to know more we can do this F2F or via VC, just let us know your preference.


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