Client Testimonials


“The standard that is delivered is of the highest quality from all Masters in Minds Associates involved. Not only do they apply Lean Sigma and systems thinking to the tasks and processes at hand, they deliver some key mindset training that helps those involved change their approach to deliver successful and sustainable change. The passion shines through the team and there is a real feeling that you are invested in the successful delivery of our programme which filters through to those involved.”

Lynne Phillips

PMO, Golden Charter

“I met Julie a couple of years ago while the Senior Leadership Team of Transocean was working on a big change management program. At that point in time still working for Phoenix Obsidian, Julie did a brilliant job as meeting facilitator and change manager during a series of meetings. Due to her excellent work, Transocean later reached out again to her – this time as Managing Director of Masters in Minds, to help the Senior Leadership Team once more in designing an impactful worldwide vision rollout. Julie has proven to have a good grasp of Transocean’s company culture and more importantly immediately understood where the leadership team wanted to navigate the entire organization to. She smartly guided Senior Management, came up with new views and approaches and was therefore instrumental to the success of the new vision rollout. I have personally very much appreciated our collaboration and will reach out again to Julie whenever the occasion occurs.”

Bettina Sabatini

CEO Office, Transocean

“A life changing experience that has helped me massively in and outside of work. It has helped me manage my own self by a different way of thinking. It’s been like learning a new language, which now I feel confident in, and I can understand the people! The results in people around the business have been phenomenal! I have so much good stuff to say about LDP!”

Michelle Coombe

Divisional Director

“The nine months spent working with Stephen & the team at Masters in Minds has been truly transformational, both for me personally and the wider team. At each stage of the process the topics covered have been hugely relevant & delivered in an engaging upbeat manner, while at the same time challenging my beliefs, thoughts and perceptions. Through the workshops and on-site support & mentoring from Stephen I see myself as a significantly more effective leader than before, his feedback has been honest, constructive and provided valuable insight and perspective. I have found the time spent working with Masters in Minds to be massively beneficial & look forward to continuing to develop & grow personally & professionally as a result.”

Stewart Bodys

Head of Contact Centre Channel, Golden Charter

“MIM has helped SL Germany to drive better performance through improved communication and ownership helping us gain trust and clarity as a team.
MIMs approach was to work closely with us, in a non-typical client / supplier relationship, so much so that they feel part of my team and my personal coach in one. They went the extra mile every single time for us and showed a deep understanding of the leadership and change challenges facing a business experiencing big change.
This makes an extraordinary difference.
Due to the nature of the content and practice, which MIM introduce to a business, leaders could be inclined to dismiss some of the listening and acknowledgment practice as “too soft.”
This is exactly the reason why some leaders may fail to guide, motivate and lead their people. I personally have made great strides forward in my impact, and the performance of my team and would encourage other leaders to work with MIM to support making that step change.”

Sam Comerford

Head of Operations, Standard Life Germany

“Following a successful pilot of the program in 2007, we realised that all the managers had to go through the ‘CSD’ Enabling mindset and behaviours programme in order for all to understand the new learnings and be aligned as an organisation.
As a result, the business was better equipped to perform during the difficult and testing economic climate in 2009, which meant that the staff had confidence and new skills to meet the challenges positively and with conviction. With the mind-set and behaviours in place, the business increased its productivity by 118% and as a result it was able to make savings of £13.5M in 2009.”

Customer Service Management Team

Standard Life

“I am excited that I now, not only have a better understanding about what it is I have to do to get great results from my team, but my team is also starting to understand the expectation on them, the support available to them, and the fact that they will learn how they can directly affect the team’s overall performance using a common set of techniques and practices based on common values and standards.”

Senior Rig Manager


“It was certainly a wake-up call (for me) to see and hear examples of what not to say and do, to superiors, peers and support staff, when those words and deeds had previously constituted – in my somewhat ignorant mindset – exactly the correct way in which I should have been conducting myself. Having accepted that a rethink was desired, and necessary, I gradually found it easier and easier to start demolishing a large number of my own behavioural “bricks” and then to start putting them together again to create a more effective manager, and person.”

Senior Manager


“MiM have brought Golden Charter a number of things:
   The ability to stand back and look at the overall process objectively and from the consumer’s point of view – identifying non-value added activities
   Culture change – bringing the teams together to redesign the consumer experience bottom up which in turn means they buy into it
   Valuable and relevant experience and expertise from other industries/similar sized companies
   Improved efficiency and conversion which ultimately leads to sales uplift.”

Karen Trickett

Director of Commercial, CCO, Golden Charter

“The results have been incredibly pleasing. This is the biggest shift in attitudes and behaviour that I have ever seen take place as a result of a single meeting. It has really made a huge difference to the results we are seeing in the business.”

Senior VP of a global energy company in relation to a meeting for The Major Capital Projects Group

“At first with LDP I found it tough going. In order to put things right with my personal and team performance there had to be an acceptance that what I was doing needed to improve. My personal standards had to improve. I needed to continually look at myself, my performance, my attitude and how I interacted with my sales management team constantly.

And initially it was exhausting to keep myself in constant check. However, what I have achieved with your help has been fantastic. My management team now, having gone through the same learning as I have, work out of the same values and standards as a team, whilst respecting differing individual values as well. We understand each other better, we are able to hold each other to account without fear of recrimination when we feel one our managers falls below that standard, or transgresses a value of a colleague.

We are able to give good old-fashioned honesty to our colleagues, and it’s respected as it has come from a positive intention rather than a need to be “right or better” than the next person. I think what I am trying to explain is we are undergoing a cultural change in Mitsubishi Electric.”

Steve Fleming

Head of Commercial Sales

“The coaching I’ve had from you has been excellent, thank you, you have helped me so much and I really feel I have grown as a result. I’ve come a long way from the person who was nervous to do a short presentation in front of the video camera on day 1 of LDP and feeling I wasn’t good enough.”

Angela Rondeau

Strategic Projects

“I really found the coaching experience to be of great benefit. Julie was able to evoke my thoughts and feelings by asking the right questions and by taking me out of my comfort zone. It enabled me to gain a deeper understanding of some of my inner thoughts, desires and goals. Through our coaching sessions, I became focused on these goals and am able to steer my life in the right direction and stay above the line.  This will help me achieve greater personal satisfaction and fulfilment. Thanks, Julie, for being such an inspiration.”

Barbara Fluri


Dear MiM team, 

We made it!

What a truly fantastic journey we have been on for the last few months! 

Getting an opportunity to custom design and deliver a Leadership programme for our business has been a once in career opportunity for me. I know I speak for everyone when I say we have learned so much. 

We said from the start that we would “learn together to lead together”, and I believe this has been an overwhelming success. 

We decided to go on this journey with MiM. We wanted to challenge the mindset, open ourselves to experience new ideas, learn new techniques and tools, understand a common language and define a values-based culture to lead our business forward. 

Ovarro is a very different business today, and now we have the beginnings of a high performing leadership team ready to deliver on our ambitions. 

For that, we are very thankful for all that you have done so far, the work behind the scenes to create the content coupled with the professionalism, credibility and authenticity in the way the material was delivered … we could not have achieved this without you! 

We look forward to working on our PDPs and continuing to receive coaching from you all. 

Thanks again.

David Frost

CEO, Ovarro Ltd

“From initial contact with Julie through the Vistage Networks through to the conclusion of the project, MIM were excellent to work with from start to finish. Kerry and Kevin not only took time to understand our challenges and what we were trying to achieve from the process, but they really took the time to understand our business and our people. Throughout the process they asked lots of questions that challenged our thinking, and were helpful in answering our questions and prompted some excellent discussions that developed our thinking around key areas. The final piece of work they have produced is a professional, ready to use solution that is bespoke to our business. We are very excited to be able to role this out with our team and beyond.”

Lee McCloy PhD

Commercial Director, IMV-IMAGING


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