Get to know the MiM team – Kevin Hadden
March 11, 2021

This week on “Get to know the MiM team”, we quiz MiM’s Senior Facilitator, Kevin Hadden. We know that Kevin has over 20 years’ experience across all areas of Learning & Development, Management Development, and Organisational Development – but who is he beyond MiM?

If you could be anyone who would you be? 

I’d choose to be one of the 18 astronauts in the NASA Artemis Moon Mission team who will go on that journey in 2024. They have the opportunity to do something that only a select few have ever done. I can only imagine, but when they get there, the perspective on self and the human race that must provide is staggering to consider. I don’t fancy the training though – I get dizzy standing on a chair!

You can live anywhere in the world, in any type of accommodation – where would you like to live? 

Definitely a beach side villa, with the beach on one side, the golf course on the other and plenty of cycling routes close by. I actually enjoy a bit of ‘real weather’. I think it was Billy Connelly (amongst others) who said “there’s no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes” and I love the Scottish scenery, so I’d be somewhere on the East/Fife coast of Scotland.

If you could have any profession (other than working with MiM!) what would it be and why? 

I’m fascinated by anthropology and archaeology and would choose a profession where I can combine the two. Even although we now use technology such as thermal imaging, mapping instruments, satellite imagery etc to help us understand the mysteries from the past, there are still many things that we just can’t comprehend. There’s also still a part of me that wants to be Indiana Jones!

Archaeology is something that fascinates Kevin – who wouldn’t want to be Indiana Jones?!

What is your favourite TV show just now? 

That’s a tough one. A lot (a LOT!) of time in lockdown has been spent watching and re-watching the Star Wars and Marvel movies with my young sons who love and have a seemingly encyclopaedic knowledge of them. In order to avoid the endless ‘celebrity’ cookery shows, quiz shows, garden make-overs etc; I’ve enjoyed watching some crime and mob movies recently, such as Scarface, Casino, Motherless Brooklyn and the Godfather.

You’re stuck on a Desert Island! What three books would you want with you? 

Hopefully the island is big enough to have a golf course? I’d definitely choose a mixture of genres …

  1. ‘The Forge of God’ by Greg Bear. Written in the late 80’s and have read it many times since. I’ve loved Sci-fi from an early age and had read lots of Isaac Asimov. Greg Bear was the successor to his sci-fi throne as far as I’m concerned. It’s by no means a ‘heavy’ read, although was followed up by book 2: ‘Anvil of the Stars’ which does dive deeper into Greg Bear’s imagination. Love sci-fi, love Greg Bear.
  2. ‘Sapiens’ by Yuval Noah Harari. Turns anthropology in to a real ‘page turner’ and a story of humankind that you can understand and really connect with.
  3. ‘McCarthy’s Bar’ by Pete McCarthy. Pete McCarthy wrote in a way that made me feel like I was having a conversation with him as he and I travelled the West Coast of Ireland. Also, he was just a brilliantly funny man.

Want to know more about Kevin?

You can find out more about Kevin in our updated “Our Team” section of the website, or via his own LinkedIn profile.

Stay tuned for more Get to know the MiM team posts over the coming weeks and months!