A Holistic Approach to Attracting & Developing Talent
October 4, 2022
employees gathered around a table as they are being trained by their leader

A Holistic Approach to Attracting & Developing Talent

There is a significant talent shortage, which is expected to grow. Businesses are competing to retain and gain the best talent. The best way to fight talent shortage is to retain and develop talent. To secure the best talent for today and tomorrow, businesses must have a holistic approach to developing talent.

Manpower found that 3 of every 4 (75%) companies have reported talent shortages and difficulty hiring – a 16-year high. There are numerous reasons why the figure is high; the most obvious one being that procurement, IT, and HR can often operate fragmentedly, leading to an inefficient hiring process. Manpower also found that large companies (250+ employees) struggle the most to recruit and retain talent compared to micro firms (less than ten employees).

Human Resource departments must improve their hiring process and become holistic recruiters. Here are a few tips on how:

  • Invest in the candidate’s experience at the first touch point. The Fast Company found that ‘organisations that invest in the candidate experience reported the quality of hires improved by over 70%.‘ Investment does not always mean money; time is a crucial investment. Stop taking shortcuts; rather than mass-emailing candidates with the same template, send a customised one.
  • Stand out from the crowd. Shine at every opportunity. Create excitement about the company and the role they are applying for, so they choose your company.
  • Don’t stick to one hiring platform – do not rely on LinkedIn as the only way to find talent, or you may miss out. Not every professional is on Linkedin. WikiJobs found that the most popular recruitment site is CV-Library; Linkedin is not in their top ten.
  • Simply the process – many recruiters include numerous stages, such as skills assessment and personality tests, performed in timed conditions; this is not a fair recruitment procedure. Recruitment has time-consuming logistics: interviewing candidates, screening CVs, background checks, and scheduling interviews with the candidates and their potential managers. The recruitment procedure can be lengthy, leading to ideal candidates accepting other job offers. HR must prioritise what’s essential and create a clear recruitment plan to obtain the best out of each candidate, reducing the candidate and recruitment time.

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