B2B Sales Reset: Your people are your North Star to recovery

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People Performance

April 29, 2024

No one would argue that this year has been tough for B2B sales, and how leaders have responded is polarised. The human truth, “we do not have a fear of the unknown, what we fear is giving up on the known” has never felt more apt.

Change the untapped into unbeatable 


Some organisations are transforming their business models and adding to their digital capability. As a result, they are focussing on how best to serve their customers and upskilling their people accordingly. But many leaders are stymiedstill debating the right way forward with a ‘wait and see’ attitude.   

People will be at the heart of recoveryThe societal shift in attitudes to tech has opened new ways and opportunities to serve customers.  What level of F2F sales will re-emerge is unknown but what we do know is that digital acceleration means life will not go back to ‘normal’. 

A new sales narrative is required for an omni-channel future. An honest assessment of where you are and the right mindset to learn fast and thrive on velocity will be your North Star.  


Pre-pandemicTradeshows allowed you to showcase your wares to an engaged audience, business development reps kept potential buyers in the loop and salespeople clogged up motorways and airports in pursuit of a F2F meeting.  Some forwardthinking businesses started to digitise their B2B sales processes. 


Fast forward and ways of working and sales approaches have had to be reimagined. Sales teams are struggling to reach new audiencesRestricted travel and COVID-19 uncertainty have fuelled mass adoption of techTech confidence has changed the ways that customers interact with suppliersThis leaves many businesses struggling to survive as they grapple with the need to deliver digital transformation to weary hope it goes back to the way it was workforce. 

Image of growth chart illustrated by North Star
Is there a brighter future?

To get ahead of slower peersbehavioural change will enable organisations to accelerate recovery. An omni-channel sales advantage will be at the foundations of resilient and thriving business. Change is tough, and transformation is tougher still – but changing people’s capabilities leads to successful business outcomes.  Your business re-energised and your people reconnected. A snapshot of our results are proof of that: 

  • 126% increase in sales through service performance
  • 38% increase in skills capability
  • 78% said they felt improved wellbeing
You are not alone 

The human impetus required for a business to bounce back is challenging and leaders are looking for supportBusiness culture, future-focused leadership, company-wide engagement, and talent retention are daily topics of conversation.   

Exceptional growth requires a challenging mindset and a fearless attitudeWe’d love to help you see yourself, your business, and your employees in a different light. Overcoming longstanding barriers and unleashing opportunities ahead. 

MiM can help  


  1. Survive to thrive turnaround  Big and small steps. Our aim is to understand where you are now and how best we can help to stabilise and transform your business.

  2. Sustainable future delivery  We can help you transform and deliver an optimised change programme. Setting up your people and your processes to deliver measurable sales growth.

  3. Grow and expand  A fast-growing business comes with its own risks. We offer a range of business intelligencecultural transformation, and transformation leadership solutions that will help align your vision and your people to the benefit of all.


Mindset change is at the heart of B2B sales transformation – and the winners will be those who equip their workforce with the right tools and skills needed to excel in the new normal.  

You don’t have problems. Just things you haven’t talked to us about yet.


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