Leadership Development Programme

Listed below are the results of a recent programme.

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The Company:

Our client is a global outsourcing partner in customer solutions for well-known brands. Our client is an end-to-end partner across all B2C and B2B customer journeys, from sales to service and content moderation to credit management. Now in over 50 countries, serving over 1300 brands with more than 100,000 workers of 140 nationalities. Our client’s solutions include customer engagement, customer experience, business process outsourcing, and specialist outsourcing. 

Problem Identified:

Our client recognised both anecdotally and through their metrics, such as performance, Net Promoter Score (NPS), people attrition, engagement, etc, that there was a requirement to ‘raise the bar’ in how they led the organisation and managed their people.  


The target area was the senior managers and operation managers – enabling them to shift from a ‘good’ to a ‘great’ in their personal and collective mindset, behaviours, and skills. Our client recognised they could deliver part of the skills and would require support from Masters in Minds to positively shift mindset and behaviours. 

Leadership Development Programme1

Client Requirement:

A leadership experience, as a wider part of our client’s programme, that combines the thinking, mindset, and behaviour shifts with the role-specific skills. Initially working on a risk-reward basis, the results must prove the value of the Masters in Minds interaction to ensure this was adopted across the organisation. Furthermore, there was a requirement to ensure a measurable impact on the key metrics, such as NPS, sales, and recommendation of learners. 


1. Integration 

Working collaboratively with the internal teams to integrate the learning brought by MIM to the skills required for the role. 

2. Leading from the Front 

MiM designed and facilitated the off-site events to ensure consistent communication across the organisation and from the top. Everyone understood their position and was aligned with the outcomes. 

3. Impact 

The delivery required an immediate and lasting impact a risk and reward agreement ensured that what the learners said and felt mattered.  

The Challenge

Our client is a fast-paced, dynamic organisation where the volume and urgency of the tasks were driving the behaviours of the leaders, rather than the leader’s behaviour driving an approach to the task. To change this required a step-change in leadership thinking.