Lack of Onboarding and Training – the Effect on Employees

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Employee Development

June 19, 2024

Welcome Aboard!  

Organisations often provide a warm welcome to new hires but lack robust employee onboarding programmes to match it. This essentially consigns wide-eyed employees to set sail without a compass. Left to navigate the murky waters of corporate culture and expectations on their own, alignment is stunted, and burnout becomes a risk.  


The Problem 

According to a study by Gallup, a whopping 88% of employees suggest their companies don’t provide a good onboarding programme. This finding is hardly surprising when you consider 58% of organisations focus their onboarding programmes on processes and paperwork. 


Mandatory compliance training (health & safety, fire awareness, etc) comprises the majority of onboarding programmes with 53% of employees receiving it. The focus is on practical skills. Just a quarter of respondents indicated they received culture-onboarding. Soft skills training and product training also seem to be getting the least amount of attention.  

What impact does this have on new employees? 


The Honeymoon is Over 

Do you remember the feelings you experienced starting a new job? The excitement and hope for the future and the opportunities it would bring? There is an initial golden period of a couple of months when someone begins a new job where everything is rosy. Like the ‘honeymoon period’ in a relationship. No issues have arisen yet, and it is full of promise.  

Fast forward beyond this point and the realisation often begins to creep in that things aren’t quite as they initially seemed. Often, a lack of training and development is one of the main disappointments for people. There is often a discrepancy between expectation and reality. 


Disengagement Alley 

Losing their rose-tinted spectacles, new hires begin to see the actual state of play. This disillusionment can cause them to lose engagement with the company they have joined ranks with. This leads them down a path known as disengagement alley, where they lose interest, drive and motivation, and no longer apply themselves to their role with the same gusto. They either remain in their role, lacking productivity and passion, or they jump ship in the hope they can set sail with another organisation that acts on its promises.  


These neglected areas are crucial to the success and longevity of the employee experience and their contribution to the organisation, and we believe addressing this oversight is vital.  

It doesn’t have to be this way.  

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Employee Onboarding - Study Reveals How to 2X Employee Satisfaction ( 


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