Global Offshore Drilling Company - Case Study 3

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The Company:

Our client is a leading international provider of offshore contract drilling services for energy companies, owning and operating among the world's most versatile fleets focusing particularly on deep-water and harsh-environment drilling. They use a fleet of 71 mobile offshore drilling units, including the world’s largest fleet of high-specification rigs consisting of ultra-deep-water, deep-water and premium jack-up rigs. In addition, seven ultra-deep-water drill ships and five new-build high-specification jackups are under construction. The organisation employs approximately 13,000 people worldwide. They trade on the New York Stock Exchange and the SIX Swiss Exchange. 

Problem Identified:

With the heavy competitive pressure and the challenge to develop people more rapidly than ever before, it was a requirement to ensure each leader knew what it took to lead and inspire their people. Achieving the mission to be the world’s premier offshore drilling contractor meant ensuring that the talented team performed at its highest level. To accomplish this global-wide goal, we identified a shift in mindset and behaviours required across senior and middle manager populations. 

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Client Requirement:

Our client was required to improve its leadership and management capabilities across its global network. The CEO believed that there was a need to establish people's development and motivational techniques that get results. 


1. Target: 

To change the mindsets and behaviours across the middle and senior management population.  

2. Development: 

To develop an inner and outer ‘people focus’ as a core element of the very definition of ‘management’.  

3. Scale

The programme ran across 600 managers across the US, Europe, India/Middle East, Asia/KL, Africa, and Brazil. 


The Challenge

The company had grown fast through acquisition, and many cultures were conflicting with each other – each culture needed philosophy and strategy to establish the way. 

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The Solution:

Our facilitator team interviewed the key leadership and management personnel before designing a programme to be introduced across the onshore organisation. It was also crucial that it aligned with the offshore programme delivered on the rigs and that it was a smooth rollout from the successful Customer Focus Programme, which had become part of the company's DNA. 

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In productivity across the global operation. 



In absenteeism and sickness across the global operation.



Performance across global territories increasing net profits. 



In employee engagement resulting in a reduction in attrition, saving $$% 





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