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April 26, 2024

According to the World Management Survey (WMS), British companies’ management is behind countries like the US, Japan, Germany, Sweden, and Canada on critical metrics. Furthermore, the UK ranks the lowest regarding productivity in the G7, and according to the WMS survey conductors, poor management accounts for more than half of Britain’s productivity gap with America. The research suggests that for Britain to grow faster, it needs better managers. 

The research is striking – UK-based companies may miss out on high-performing results and opportunities due to a lack of development in their managers. Many managers in the UK are promoted into their roles on technical ability rather than management skills, which means many are not being trained. A managerial role appears to be lucrative – the pay and perks can be generous, which can drive people to become managers. However, to be a successful manager, there needs to be a desire to build something impactful. Of course, training and development play a substantial part in managerial training. Management styles and training can often be outdated – although emotional intelligence is highly important, it is rarely considered as an essential attribute for managers.  

Emotions are synchronised with our brain and body, usually quickly, and occur without conscious thought. Our emotions impact and influence our attention, thoughts, and behaviours. We live in a complex and competitive climate – businesses are trying to succeed with limited resources and greater pressure. Using emotions strategically can improve our capability to work with others, engage in our roles, manage stress, and handle conflict. In a world that is becoming increasingly dissociated, emotional intelligence is crucial. Scientific and business research has proven the immense value of emotional intelligence for anyone whose role involves influencing and engaging people. Emotional intelligence is one of the primary skills that is being forgone in managerial training.  

MiM LaaS offers training in all managerial aspects. If managers are not trained in the basics like delegation or have unconscious thinking like ‘it’s easier/quicker to do it myself,’ it will affect their performance and management. MiM’s training is different – we start with mindset and behaviour development blended with skills, methods, and tools to make it more sustainable. Effective and relevant training is essential – good managers improve business productivity, employee retention, culture, and the UK business industry and economy.  

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