The State of Virtual Training 2020 results

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April 26, 2024

When life gives you lemons – you have a choice

And in 2020 that choice has largely been a virtual one – including virtual trainingfacilitation, coaching, and mentoring.

Human connection is a human need

Despite COVID-19, people have found ways to connect. Nevertheless, the thirst for knowledge seems to know no bounds. From Joe Wicks to Yale’s ‘The Science of Wellbeing’ course receiving 500,000 new enrolments in a single weekend, people have found ways to connect and feed their appetite to learn – in spite of all that quarantine has thrown at them.

Inspire, empower, and engage for less

In fact, this innate need to learn shows up at the office too. Driven by client requests, MiM went into the virtual classroom in 2017 and we’ve never looked back. Virtual learning enables training experiences to reach more talent for less budget. Undoubtedly, moving 30+ years of traditional learning practice into a new interactive world is delivering better quality outcomes for our learners on a global scale. Unhindered by travel, budget, and time constraints we’ve moved to a 90/10 practical vs theory model. This balance enables us to include valuable assessments and tests to check understanding, and provide additional coaching to help embed what’s been learned. Enabling the many to be able to access opportunities that once were for the few.

We set high standards

We’re always seeking to deliver an uncompromised learning experience. Cindy Huggett is widely recognised as a pioneer in the field of virtual training. Her Annual State Of Virtual Training* survey is eagerly awaited by our sector as a way to check our homework. As a result, this year’s check-in sees MiM as ‘A’ star in our field. 


Virtual Training? We check all the boxes!


COVID EFFECT –  Firstly, 100% of MiM’s virtual learning offer is already online. By comparison, 90% of organisations in the survey only ‘want to’ offer more virtual learning experiences.

DURATION – Secondly, 90% of MiM’s virtual learning is 3 hours long (including breaks). MiM is able to deliver the detail and depth of learning our clients require because of our quality, interactive, and well-designed content while being supported by great production. This is vs. only 19% of respondents able to deliver a 2 hour+ virtual learning experience.

KEY CHALLENGES – Thirdly, respondents to the survey reported many challenges in what we would consider hygiene factors to delivering successful virtual learning experience.

Upfront time invested with the leadership team and key influencers ensures a program is set up for success. In addition, the ability to deliver in any platform without compromise is all part of creating the best possible learning or coaching experience for clients. This is a virtual circle of requirements – each thing weakened without the other.

PRODUCERS – A producer can help transform virtual training into trouble-free, fast-moving, interactive event that keep learners involved and the facilitator on track. MiM uses a producer 100% of the time. We’d argue that having a producer should be a ‘Go/No Go’ client requirement. Only 49% of respondents use a producer some, or all the time, and 23% reported never using a producer. 

Lemonade is where it’s at

The shift to operating in a largely online world is as much about serving human needs in new ways as it is in business. MiM’s Zones of Genius will unlock the lemonade mindset needed to bring about the business transformation you seek. Embedding effective change management in your culture and your people to deliver a more resilient, sustainable, and competitive future for all. And all delivered virtually by an A-star provider. GO MIM!


*Data Collected May-July 2020

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