Convergence vs Divergence - The Debate

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April 10, 2024

IHRM is an essential attribute within an MNC, defined as ‘understanding, researching, applying and revising all human resource activities in their internal and external contexts…throughout the global environment.’ The growth of globalisation only increases the importance of IHRM as organisations rely even more heavily upon an international, multicultural workforce to compete. Regarding organisations with multiple international subsidiaries, the HR practices that should be utilised have been subject to much academic debate; convergence vs divergence.

Convergence puts forward that IHRM practices are becoming more similar and will eventually ‘converge’ so that the same best practices are employed globally. However, divergence opposes this, arguing that international human resources management practices will remain distinct from one another despite globalisation. This submission will first examine the convergence debate, adopting a critical view. While evidence suggests some practices have become more similar, they will never fully converge for various reasons. Then, an analysis of the divergence debate will take place. Finally, this submission will adopt a nuanced view, acknowledging that aspects of both arguments are accurate and that a hybrid model of the two is most likely.


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